We will never find two identical trees in a forest, their rings grow at different rhythms and their colours have an infinite number of subtle differences. Trees are the essence of our products, making each one unique.


Smell, touch, see, feel… Wood awakens our senses, enabling us to enjoy a wealth of pleasurable sensations; sensations that take us to a natural, warm, cosy world.


To invest in wood is to invest in sustainability, it is looking after our environment with a recyclable, renewable, reusable, abundant and natural material. When we select wood for our products, as well as quality we also take into account local sourcing and its sustainable origin because this means minimum transportation and the assurance that in the process of its extraction the environment is respected, thereby guaranteeing the future of the forest.


As well as wood, we use other materials such as leather, natural fibres, recyclable metals, glass and so forth to provide different characteristics to our products.


Wood is a living material therefore it changes over time; with the application of surface treatment we protect the wood, we enhance the intrinsic beauty of the material and prolong its life.

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