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Minimal tables with a unique and personal design

We created minimal tables to make your home even more beautiful. Tables are a fundamental part of our home. We carry out many daily actions in them.

At tables we eat, work, meet with our friends or family, and have fun.

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Why not choose a beautiful wooden furniture design? versatile & multifunctional minimal tables

At Woodendot experts in wooden furniture design for your home providing you with a versatile and multifunctional design. All of our minimal tables solve everyday problems in a simple and comfortable way. By implementing solutions that improve the interaction between the user and the product, we created modern solutions.

Experts designers in wooden furniture

We carefully study the design of each of our tables, with the aim that everyone can choose the one that best suits their lifestyle. In Woodendot, you can find coffee tables, and modern dining tables. Meet with family and friends or work comfortably with your computer. At Woodendot we design modern furniture that is perfectly integrated into any space, and provides an elegant and inviting look.

In our unique solid wooden furniture design catalogue you can find different types of minimal and unique tables: nest of tables, coffee tables with storage, wood dining tables, low coffee tables, solid wood dining tables, small wooden tables…

We have living room center tables or low tables of different sizes and functionalities. In the Batea Collection we have three types of sizes that complement each other creating a harmonious space.

The Batea L table is the largest design table in the family, this coffee table with storage is perfect to store all kinds of objects and leave the room clean and tidy. The Batea M table is also a side table with storage and is very practical if you are looking for a medium size table where you can store small objects. Finally, the Batea S table is a versatile side table, which can be used in any room of the house, such as bedside table or as a complement to the Batea L or Batea M table in the living room. Also, it comes with a tray that is very useful to carry and bring food or drinks from the kitchen.


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