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Minimal design decoration rules

We all have heard about minimal design, this decoration trend had a stellar appearance several years ago in all interior design magazines, and it was not only applied to decorate homes but also to decorate offices, hotels, shop windows, stores, and any space that would like to have a modern touch.

Today we can still see this style of minimalist decoration is popular, and in fact, it is the favorite of many for all the advantages it offers to get the most out of any space, no matter how big or small it may be.

What is minimalism?

Let's start by defining the concept of minimalism. In this style of decoration the main idea is to make the most of the available space, but without recharging it with unnecessary elements, which is, using only the basics and essential to decorate the room in order to maintain an orderly and neat appearance.

Minimalism manages to convey a sense of calm, peace and tranquility through the perfect harmony between the different elements used for decoration. The color, the textures, the size, the shape and if possible the smell. The key to minimalism is that all furniture must have, in addition to a purely aesthetic value, a personal and immovable value that makes them unique, and therefore, makes them deserve a space in your modern home furniture.

Tips for a minimalist decoration

The importance of order

The first and perhaps most important of all is to get order. You need to organize the space and the elements that compose it. Nothing piled up, or things that do not go with the rest of the elements in the room.

Any element that visually produces the sensation of not belong to the place, either by its color or its size, just remove it, otherwise it will create a visual disorder.

The color palette in your minimal design home

Regarding the theme of the colors to be used for this type of decoration, neutral colors are the most used

White, gray, ivory, bone and cream are the most popular colors in minimalism, mainly because they are colors that create a sense of serenity, elegance and spaciousness. Of course, if you want to give an extra touch of color you can opt for soft colors in blue, green, or even dare a little with rosewood.

Mix the textures

Something very funny and characteristic of minimalism is the possibility of playing with different textures within the same space, something that gives a lot of life to this decoration of cold essence in terms of colors.

One of the favorite textures is wood because the appearance of wood gives a certain warmth to the home and being so versatile it combines very well with other types of texture such as natural fibers, porcelain, natural stone, silk, ceramics, metal, etc.

Use only what is necessary in a home furniture

Get rid of the things you do not really need. Everything that is left in that space that you are organizing should have a useful function, so it is best to choose furniture that is functional and has a positive meaning within the environment. Our wooden furniture design is able to give a very personal touch to any corner. turning your house into a home.

At Woodendot Studio, we create furniture that brings functionality ,modernity and minimal design to any design home at the same time. To make every piece of your home furniture unique and personal.

We hope that this article will help you achieve that modern and elegant space you are seeking for your home! Trust Woodendot!