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What colors go with oak furniture: Yes to matt finishes

Interior design is constantly renewed. Because of seasons, generations, trends changes and the design adapts to the new times, although the trend to return to the natural and mix it with the new styles is something that has been gaining preference. Now, we think about the colors that fits perfectly with oak furniture...

The preference for lacquered furniture with a glossy finish has been growing for a long time but nowadays the trend has changed and the style with matte finish has been gaining preference when decorating spaces such as the living room.

The difference is that formerly these matt finishes in the furniture meant that the texture of was porous, causing dirt to adhere to the surface and become more difficult to clean. In a short period of time the furniture turn to look dirty, old and damaged, unpleasant for the eyes of the majority; it is for this reason that the glossy finish furniture gained preference.

The new matt finishes

If what bothered most of the matt finishes in furniture was the unflattering porous texture that is precisely what has changed today and in turn what has made the mat finish resurfaced with a new and improved appearance.

The new matt finish furniture no longer has a porous texture, its texture is smooth and satiny, easy to clean, which keeps the finish intact for longer.

Wood design furniture with soft finish and neutral colors are the most requested and easy to combine with other decorative elements. This preference for wood in light or neutral tones is due to the atmosphere of warmth that they give to any minimalist home

Although you like furniture with wooden design for several rooms, you can take advantage of the textures and colors so that they differ a little between them. For the living room, for example, very light colors make the light reflect more in the room and the feeling of spaciousness, is a way to take advantage of natural light.

Furniture with satin finish in bone, ivory or gray combined with porcelain or acrylic countertops, dinner tables or coffee tables is a very popular trend that gives a very modern and elegant appearance to any area of the house.

Give a different touch to your home, try the furniture in matt finish and renew your stays. Enter the our wooden furniture collection and get everything you need for your home.