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Embracing sustainability

Woodendot's Vida Initiative

Embracing sustainability, Woodendot's Vida Initiative stands as a beacon of innovation in a world increasingly focused on environmental responsibility. This groundbreaking program redefines the relationship between consumers and producers, offering a sustainable solution for responsibly recycling furniture pieces.

Woodendot's Vida Initiative isn't merely a program; it embodies a commitment to environmental stewardship. With a mission to give back and reduce waste, the initiative provides a seamless process for customers to recycle their Woodendot products. Customers start by filling out a simple form to determine if they qualify for the Vida Initiative. Woodendot prioritizes sustainability by analyzing the CO2 emissions associated with transporting products to their workshop in Iscar, Spain. If the product qualifies, customers receive instructions on how to pack it correctly. Woodendot covers expenses for picking up and restoring functional parts of the product, while non-reusable components are recycled appropriately.

Upon receiving the product at their warehouse, Woodendot evaluates and tests each piece, separating them based on material. Wood, metal, adhesives, vegan leather, electric circuits, hardware, and textiles then undergo a meticulous restoration process tailored to each material type. Once restored, the pieces are reused in new products, contributing to the circular economy. Customers receive a Woodendot's Vida Initiative certificate, acknowledging their environmentally responsible actions.

In addition to the Vida Initiative, Woodendot forges ahead in creativity and sustainability through collaborative ventures. Partnering with unique local brands and designers, Woodendot creates special edition accessories that embody its core values. Collaborations include ventures with Eleven People, Mendelek Studio, dE.LENZO, and Mini Picnic, each offering innovative products that combine creativity with sustainability.

Woodendot's commitment to sustainability extends beyond its products; it's a way of life. With initiatives like Vida and collaborative ventures, Woodendot paves the way for a greener, more responsible future. Join us on this journey towards a world where creativity, collaboration, and sustainability thrive harmoniously. Together, we can make a difference, one recycled piece and one collaborative creation at a time.