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Wooden Furniture for Homes with strong personality

Each home keeps a history of feelings and moments. That is why our home reveals a lot about our personality, it is a faithful reflection of our lives.

The wooden furniture for homes or decorative objects and the place where they are placed, believe it or not, project a reflection of your personality. That is why every home inside is unique and personal. In Woodendot our furniture is designed to sublimate your personality and in this article, we will talk about how to give a personal touch to our decoration without losing the style and decorative coherence.

Think about the details

It is important to choose wooden furniture for homes and decorative elements that make you feel good; details that are important to you and that generate pleasant emotions. Decorate the rooms with things that you love and that reflect your personality and style, so that you can create a positive atmosphere in every corner.

The importance of materials

Dare to play with textures and noble materials, such as the combination of wood and linen that creates a feeling of warmth, and cotton as the main component of textiles.

Remember that touch is one of the senses that is least taken into account, but in the end also serves to convey great comfort and warmth

Do not neglect the light

Light has great importance, especially when it comes to changing the perception of things, depending on how they are used, it can be to improve or worsen. If an interior space is quite dark it will give the sensation of being a cloudy and lugubrious space, if the lights are dim, the atmosphere will be warm and comforting, indirect lighting thanks to standing lamps is just what every design home needs.

The choice of space

Always depend on your tastes, if you prefer the space designed and optimized for large stays. It is very easy to play with space even if it is a room that seems small. Only with correctly distributing the space and knowing where to leave small empty spaces to give the feeling of spaciousness, any stay however small it will not be crowded.

Do not underestimate the colors

The colors play a lot with the light and the subjectivity of the personal tastes, in fact when it comes to the choice of colors it is perhaps when more strength takes the personality of who chooses the color. This should be a color that pleases you 100% since color is the first thing we perceive in any space, and it has a lot of force when it comes to transmitting positive or negative sensations.

The aromas awaken your senses

The aromas awaken sensations, emotions, memories and even flavors. This is why many real estate agents have that trick of cooking an apple pie and muffins before showing a house, and they do it because these aromas are common in any home and thus achieve the feeling of home warmth. It makes visitors feel what this house inhabited by them would be like, in a family atmosphere, a totally positive feeling that will make the experience more pleasant than they expected.

With these simple tricks you will achieve to give your home furniture designs all the personality you need. In Woodendot, all our wooden furniture is made with sustainable materials to distinguish from the rest, all our products have a strong personality for themselves.