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What inspires us? Art, Design, Architecture, Nature...

If you were thinking about what inspires us, there are many things that do. Everyday we find ourselves feeling excited about different pieces, artist, projects, ideas and overall things that push the limits of our imagination. In this process, we were looking for a way, a place, to share with you all of these small things that excite us and give us life! However, we couldn't quite point our finger at it until now. Welcome to our inspiration section!

In this space we want to highlight the artists, design, art, ideas that are changing the industry and our life as we know it everyday. Our goal is to create a community where we all feel inspired and share our love for creativity and innovation. An ultimately, a place where we can all go back to when we feel like we need an extra boost of inspiration.

Some of the topics you will see here are art, design, architecture, nature, among others. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, and we hope this works as an inspiration center for you too.


Art is around us. It is in everything we do, heard, see... even if we notice it or not it is always present. Among the many types, currents, and ways art presents itself, we feel specially inspired by fine, graphic, visual, plastic, decorative and performing arts.

If there's a word that's wide it is Art, it can mean many different things and most of the time it's completely subjective. Either because of pre-concepts some really old civilization established centuries ago, or because it's what's trending at the moment...the depiction of what art looks like shifts, moves, changes, and can look completely different depending on what you look at. However, something that is always present in it is its ability to inspire us and to transmit us ideas, feelings, memories, and even moments that ultimately pushes us to discover ourselves, what we're capable of, and what we love.

For this first edition of our inspiration section, we want to introduce you to a unique sculptor that creates dynamic ceramic pieces that look like they are moving. Giving an amazing final result to a material that we can at the beginning perceive as rigid and hard to change. Introducing Roger Coll, @rogercoll_krasznai

"After studying Architecture, Sculpture and Ceramics and having spent several years working in an architecture studio in Barcelona, Roger Coll established his first ceramic studio and workshop in Barcelona in 2009. In 2014 he moved to Vic where he now lives and works. He strives to make people appreciate ceramic objects and sculptures and believes that working in ceramicas is a captivating form of art with the potential to unleash creativity."

Sculptures. 2019. Selection by Roger Coll.

Bio extracted from the artist's website:



Design is one of the main categories for us. But why is it so important? This word evokes for Woodendot more than just creating something new, or beautifully composing pre-existing concepts...for us design involves a pretty large part of what we are and represent.

We use design as a philosophy, and as one of our main values. It's our way to communicate better what we believe in, what we consider timeless, beautiful, minimal, and unique. It transcends the furniture and accessory pieces we create, and gravitates around the message we would like to communicate with each new idea we give life to. We use colors, textures, materials, shapes and functionality to transform ideas into reality and to portrait this word in all that we do.

For this first edition our featured designer in this category is Matthieu Venot, his instagram account is @matthieuvenot. This is a photographer that works with design in the treatment of his images. He turns his images into pieces of design, playing with the color and the composition creating unique pieces.

"Matthieu Venot was born in 1979 in France. Studying sound engineer and working in the world of music. A need to create, Matthieu Venot left the world of music and being instinctively creative took up photography... at the ripe age of 35.

Since 2014, he has focused on developing his own photographic language. Focusing his lens on architectural details and adopting fairly constructivist angles, the artist succeeds in creating abstract geometric images. He only photographs when the weather is incredibly good and thus Matthieu uses the immaculate sky like the background in a studio. This, he maintains, is his way of not disturbing the composition of his pictures : simple and graphic. Lines cross over and overlap, shapes stand out from this blue background and have us forgetting what we are observing : a roof, a wall, a railing, a balcony.

The blue sky background also enhances the colours. Colour is, in fact, of the most importance in Matthieu Venot's photography. Excluding the Breton greyness, the photographer transforms the town and has us thinking more of California or Florida. According to the artist, the choice of pastel colours is a way of transmitting, through his photos, his own personal optimism."

Urban Nautilus 2015 and Illusions 2018 by Matthieu Venot.

Bio extracted from the artist's website:



Architecture is another one of our big passions. What we like the most about it is the amazing combination between man-made materials and nature that create such different and incredible places.

The use of clean lines, of new materials, sustainability and the ability to integrate all these with functionality makes it really inspiring for us. You see, design in general needs to serve a purpose, but that purpose can vary. It doesn't necessarily need to be other than being beautiful or than decoration...but with architecture this shifts. Because of the nature of buildings, these are designs that must work in an everyday-life context, that need to serve the purpose of being beautiful and innovative, but also of being functional and able to adapt to the needs of a human being. Architecture takes the many parts of everyday living that are not glamorous and make them so by integrating them with design.

Today we want to present you an arquitectural design by VISIOARQ, photographed by Fernando Guerra.

"Visioarq develops and executes from 1998, major projects with intervention in the areas of equipment such as Hospitals, Office and Public Buildings, as well as numerous interventions in the Commercial and Residential areas.

With the systematic use of 3D photorealism from a very early stage, Visioarq has always allowed the anticipation of reality, allowing its clients a true partnership relationship in which it is possible to anticipate, modify and “feel” the work while still in the design phase"

"This arquitectural house results from the connection of the two elements – the new and the old. The former is given to us by the memory of the facade, while the new appears in all proposed construction. Assuming these two moments, it is intended to create a uniform volume, the shapes, defined by a volumetry of pure forms, dematerialized by planes recessed, forming a set of contrasts of light and dark, advances and retreats, of light and shadow, with a strong communication between The built and the surrounding, favoring the best sun exposure"

Additionally the photographer, Fernando ,"has been a pioneer in the way architecture is photographed and disseminated. Fifteen years ago, he opened the FG + SG studio together with his brother, and both are largely responsible for the dissemination of contemporary Portuguese architecture in recent years."

Fernando is certified by Epson Digigraphie® in 2007; Represented by VIEW Pictures, London - UK since 2008; Represented by FAB PICS - International Architecture Photography, Cologne - Germany since 2006. His work is presented in various private and public collections. MoMa New York purchased in 2015 six works by Fernando Guerra for its permanent collection.



House in Anadia, Portugal. Designed by VISIOARQ; Photography by Fernando Guerra

Bio extracted from the website: and



As you might know nature has always been at the center of our design. Its shapes, textures, lines, lights, movements...completely inspire us and are present in each and everyone of our creations. Our Savia dining table depicts the lines and shape of leafs, Pelican shelves imitate birds flying, GEO desk accessories represent the shapes of natural formations...and the list goes on an on.

Overall, we love how nature influences the concept of our pieces. Bus most of all how its influence is not only present in the final look, but in its functionality, minimalism, timeless characteristic and in its ability to adapt to the unique lifestyle of the owner.

On this occasion, we wanted to highlight the pictures taken by nature photographer Pawel Mazur. His instagram account is @onelife_photostory.

Pawel defines himself as an adventure seeker! We love the colors, and the geometrical shapes she captures. He is inspired by the patterns that nature gives us and the nature's colors. Sometimes he includes human presence to highlight the place she is photographing. Also, the light is special and creates a unique atmosphere in their pictures.

Photography by: Pawel Mazur

This was our selection for the first edition of our inspiration section. We hope it opens the doors to your creativity and inspires you to create, make, write, draw, sew, paint, build and ultimately give form to the incredible ideas you have in your mind!

If you want to be featured in this section or would love for us to talk about an artist you love, please email us here.

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