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Modular shelf with hidden storage

Modular shelf with hidden storage
Plywood and lacquered steel.
It works right and left

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More than 10,000 options!

A modular system of wall shelves with a sculptural touch that brings personality and elegance to your home.

Alba is a versatile product that can be used as a wall shelf with hidden storage and as a bedside table with concealed storage. Alba means “sunrise” in Spanish, hence its name, since the two front pieces of the product simulate the sun and the moon reflecting in the water when a new day dawns.

Alba is basically composed of 3 flat pieces of Plywood and a metal bracket that is fixed on the wall. The arrangement of these pieces in the space gives the product the ability to hide objects behind the vertical pieces, since there is a separation between them. In the shelf version (M), we have a small space behind the front piece (sun or moon) to hide small objects such as keys, a wallet, a smartphone, etc. Besides, there is a hidden hole in the base that allows us to feed the cable to charge our devices.

Alba is fully customizable and you can configure more than 10,000 different options due to its multitude of shapes and finishes available. The bottom pieces are available in 4 different shapes and the front ones in two, but all of them together with the base of the shelf are available in 6 different finishes, ALL OF THEM combinable with each other. In addition, the product works both right and left, it’s the user who chooses the position before its easy setup.

There are finishes in natural wood such as oak and walnut, but also color finishes applied on ash wood; white, black, gray and blue.


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2 years warranty.


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Modular system configurable by the user
Easily assembled (with help from the included manual) to right and left
Rear hole for feeding cables
Depth of storage of 9 cm between wooden panels
Matte finish
Clean with damp cloth
Delivered in a flat package
For custom colors write us here





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Modular wall shelf with hidden storage

This modular wall shelf is a versatile product, which can be installed in different rooms in your home; at the entrance of the house to place personal items such as keys or a wallet, in the bedroom as a bedside table with storage, in the living room as a wall shelf to place small decorative objects, etc.

It is a simple product but due to its shapes and finishes, it becomes something sculptural, adding personality and elegance to your home. Also, as each part is interchangeable, more than 10,000 possible combinations are generated, you will surely find your own!

One of the features that we seek from the beginning in the design is its versatility, hence all the pieces can work right or left, and that is, you can place 2 bedside tables, one on each side of the bed, symmetrically. The product is the same, but before installing it you decide how you want it.

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