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Can I personalize a product?

As a general rule, sizes or colours other than those offered on the website cannot be selected; only in exceptional cases can we personalize a product. In any case, feel free to ask us, we will be delighted to help you.

Where are they produced?

All our products are created in Tierra de Pinares (“Land of Pines”), a small town in the north of Spain with decades of tradition working with wood. Our products are created by master craftsmen who take the utmost care of each piece so that the product reaches our customers in perfect condition.

Do you take the environment into consideration?

Of course, respect for the environment is in our genes and fundamental to us. Every day we try to improve our environmental policy, not only with respect to our production processes but also to all areas in the company, such as packaging, office, energy consumption, stationery, and so on.

How should I look after the product to lengthen its useful life?

As a general rule, we would say that the products should be treated with common sense. In this respect, there are some basic tricks like not overloading them or using a damp cloth to clean them that will make them last for a long, long time. In any case, each product comes with its maintenance instructions which will ensure a long life.

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