The 2018 Winter Winner is…
Walnut wood wall shelf


2018 Winner Furniture Survey Lottery

The winner of the 2018 Winter Satisfaction Furniture Survey lottery is here!

Every year we throw a furniture survey lottery among the customers who have answered our Satisfaction Survey. This past December the winner of the lottery was Kathy from Ireland, and among the available products to choose from, she picked the ALBA M shelf. Also, Kathy decided to decorate it with fun accessories, giving it an original and personal look.

The products in the Alba collection are unique thanks to its customization, allowing for 10,000 different combinations and many finishes. On one hand, Alba M is a modular wall shelf, very decorative and functional thanks to the hidden storage space to store whatever you need. On the other hand, Alba L has a similar function, but its measurements are larger so that you can use it as a bedside or side table. Both tables in this collection offer a unique touch for your home decoration.

Additionally, Alba’s style and product line go perfectly with other table collections in our catalog. Take a look and find the perfect one for you.

Remember that you too can participate and win! Just make sure to fill out the satisfaction survey after you purchase.

If you want to see more pictures of our products, visit our INSTAGRAM

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