ALBA wins the Iconic Design Award – 2019
Alba beside table modern design


We are very happy and proud that our new product ALBA won an award in the prestigious Iconic Awards 2019 by the German design council.

The ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior honour only the best of the best in the furniture and interior design industries. The competition creates a unique platform for networking architects, product designers and property developers with the furniture and interior design industries.

The award has different categories, from textiles to flooring, outdoor and indoor furniture, bathrooms, etc. Our modular bedside table won the Selection prize in the category of interior furniture.

ALBA can be used as a wall shelf and bedside table. Alba means “sunrise” in Spanish, the two front parts of the product simulate the sun and the moon reflected in the water when a new day dawns. The shelf version has a small space behind the front, where small items can be stowed. The bedside version has a space at the back that allows you to store larger objects. There are more than 10,000 different combinations. We encourage you to configure yours on the ALBA’s configurator.

We’ve designed this product with a lot of love from the beginning. It has not been easy because designing a modular system with so many combinations is complicated, but finally, we have achieved a simple and clean result, with many possibilities for each person to configure their table or shelf to their liking. As can be seen in the images, we have paid special attention to detail and minimalism, a Woodendot seal, and the joints between the parts are hidden and only the three main pieces of the product are shown. Alba has natural wood finishes such as walnut and oak and finishes in colors.



If you want to know more about our latest product ALBA, please visit the ALBA’s Bedside table webpage or the ALBA’s wall shelf webpage. On the other side, if you want to know more about the Iconic Awards, please visit:

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