Batea M Table in N Magazine | Het Nieuwsblad
N het nieuwsblad Cover Woodendot wooden furniture cover

The Batea Collection is our set of center and side tables with a minimal and modern design. With a total of three tables in this collection, each of them have a characteristic that makes them unique. The Modern Batea Table S, M or L; are designed to match together, and to complement each other in your space.


For the month of March, Belgian N Magazine from Het Nieuwsblad‘s group featured our Batea M in the finish Blue. This finish is almost exact to 2020’s Pantone Color Classic Blue, and is a perfect piece to add to your decor with this color palette.





Available in eight different finishes, the modern Batea M table not only has a differencing minimal and modern design. This table counts with hidden storage that you access by sliding its top to the side with an easy movement. Also, Batea M can be combined with Batea S which fits perfectly under it and allows you for even more functionality. This is due to the fact that Batea S counts with a removable tray that sits on top of it. Therefore, this tray is the perfect option for carrying snacks, and drinks.



Batea Living Room Minimal Center table

Batea storage table center and side wooden furniture



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