Producto Fresco, Madrid, 2016




“Producto Fresco. Diseño recién hecho en Madrid” is an exhibition by DIMAD in the Central Design Matadero Madrid.

The exhibition recovers its initial date around World Industrial Design Day and opens on Wednesday June 15 20.30 h in the Central Design Matadero Madrid, staying open until the end of August 2016. Admission free.

Producto Fresco shows what is being done in the area of product design in the city of Madrid; an exhibition open theme that includes a multiplicity of proposals, all very fresh!

This project, born in 2012, aims to show the best product design made in the last year by Madrid designers or brands broadly locals who live or feel, or produced by companies in the region annually.

In this edition, Producto Fresco recovers its initial date around World Industrial Design Day (June 29), with the opening of the exhibition in mid-June and whose exhibition will remain open until the end of August.

Woodendot  presents BATEA COLLECTION, the new collection of side tables with a touch of extra functionality. In the exhibition the three sizes are shown; the smallest has a wooden tray that serves to bring your drinks to the couch, the medium is a coffee table that has a little storage space under the tray, and biggest of the family has a larger storage and a sliding door. As you can see in the pictures the finishes presented are Black-Oak but there are much more colors, if you want to know more click HERE.












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Hashtag: #ProductoFresco2016
Know more about Batea Collection HERE

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