Six Bold Minimal Bedroom Decoration Ideas
Woodendot Wooden Furniture Interior Decoration Minimal Modern


The minimal decoration ideas you’re looking for have arrived! Let’s be honest, we see our bedroom every day of our life and sometimes it gets boring! Spring is upon us, and what a better opportunity to give a twist to your bedroom decor!


Here are six minimal, modern, and bold ideas to start thinking about those re-decor dreams to come true. Best part is all an easy change of sheets, and color accessories.



Batea S Bedside Table Minimal Modern Decoration Ideas WoodendotAlba Bedside Table Minimal Modern Decoration Ideas Woodendot




Woodendot is a furniture company based in Spain that specialises in minimalistic, modern, and functional products. We design and manufacture our products locally, but target the global market.


Our furniture is characterized by its unique design, high quality, the special care we take on the origin of our materials, and the sustainability of our products. 



Learn more about our design process, materials, and how we care about our planet


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