You helped us design our new product!

Competition May 2020

All hands on deck!

We really love to design new products that you’d love and would make your home better! However, the search for the perfect product can be challenging, and after a lot of work we decided something was missing.

It wasn’t long until we realized that the piece that was missing was you! We decided to ask our Woodendot Family to help us design what would be the perfect new product for their home!

Woodendot Family members (if you’re not one click here to sign up so you won’t miss the fun) received an exclusive email with instructions to participate, and by doing so they could win a free accessory (any they’d pick) from our collection!


The Product Design Selection

The design process was down to four options:

BRUMA room divider | LISA shelving system

MÉNSULA wall desk | NECKER clothes racks

Click here to see all the videos

encuesta producto woodendot industrial design furniture


The Contest Winner

After a lot of voting and hundreds of responses we had a winner!

Welcome MÉNSULA to the Woodendot Collection, our wall desk that is functional and stylish. Working as a full desk when you deploy it, and as a decor piece to your space when it’s folded. MÉNSULA will be added to our collection really soon!


In the mean time, we are excited to announce the winner of our product design contest:

Congratulations Carolina @cisneros66 from Venezuela on winning a free accessory! As part of her prize, she picked ETNA Mini our candle holders perfect for decorating her tables or shelves.

etna mini candleholders furniture design


Thank you so much to all that participated! Stay tuned so you don’t miss the exclusive release, and even special releasing advantages if you’re part of our Woodendot Family


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