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ALADA Floating Folding Desk featured in COUCH Sept. 21

We are delighted to announce that one of our best-seller products, Alada Floating Folding Desk, has been highlighted in the monthly issue of COUCH magazine this September 2021.

COUCH is a German, young home and fashion magazine in pocket format that fills the gap between classic home design magazines and young lifestyle titles.

Take a look here at the complete article featuring ALADA.

Inspired by the movement that birds draw on the sky when they move their wings up and down, Alada is a timeless and discreet folding desk that allows you take the most advantage of your space. It is available in four different finishes including: Solid oak wood, solid oak wood with a light white lacquered finish and solid ash wood with both a black and a white lacquered finish.

Alada is carefully crafted and designed to transform your home office space into part of your decor. Thanks to its careful functional design, it seamlessly transforms from a wall desk to a decorative shelf in just seconds. When open it gives you a full home office experience, when folded it transforms the look of your space making it more beautiful.

As summertime comes to an end and it's about time to get back to our routine after our well-deserved vacations in the sun, it is important to consider the furniture and pieces you would like to keep around you when working from home or studying.


Did you know that 16% of companies are fully remote? and did you know that 40% of companies are hybrid - offering both remote and in-office options?

Working remotely not only makes you get comfy at home while you save on gas to drive all the way to the office. It also helps reduce CO2 consumption in the environment.

At Woodendot, our main top of mind values are sustainability and minimal design with intention. By producing sustainable, environmentally-friendly, carefully crafted products with intentional design, our goal is to ultimately help the planet and make it a less polluting place for us.

We don’t want to just add a new product to our collection, the idea is that each piece transmits our values, beliefs, and the love and care that's behind them, improving any environment they’re introduced to.

That is what gives value to what we do and pushes us to continue to improve daily.

We take care about it to have the best quality in our materials and our products are crafted in a way to have the best one.

Did you know that the local Spanish town, Íscar, is the place where the magic becomes real?

Íscar is a natural Castilian region located in the autonomous community of Castilla y León and extends to the north of the province of Segovia and the south of the province of Valladolid. Our mission is to reduce the footprint and to aim the local production creating a specially crafted piece, this is of course present when crafting our Alada Floating Foalding Desk.

As time passes by, wood furniture pieces stay timeless. Not only that, but wood is also said to become the ultimate sustainable material you will need at home for the years to come. Why? The reasons are simple and direct.

Wood is a renewable material, it lasts a long time, it can also be recycled and reused, it absorbs carbon dioxide, it does a great job retaining heat, AND its waste is 100% biodegradable! What other reasons could be as good enough as these to start redesigning your home with wooden furniture?

The world is slowly becoming a more polluting place for us to live in it, and it is our duty to take care of it and collaborate with fellow initiatives and projects to plant our own seed of help.

A little insight about Alada...

As mentioned before, Alada is inspired in the movement of birds. Additionally, its minimal design is key in the uniqueness of its functionality. When folded, Alada allows for an invisible storage perfect for gadgets or notebooks. Built using solid Oak wood and Ash/Oak plywood all mechanic pieces in the design are hidden adding to Alada’s decorative characteristic.

In 2020 a lot of things were happening at the same time, we found ourselves in complete new situations and started researching how to solve those needs that were now present in the “new reality”

However, we realized there was a missing piece to complete the creation process… you! We asked you to help us design our new product, and together we created ALADA. Without you, we could not have done it. And without you, we would not have been featured in such a well-known magazine as COUCH. Our success is yours too!

We are beyond proud to say this product is as yours as ours! When we think of Alada, we think of the key piece to completely improve your home office life during this time we are currently living in. No matter where you are in the world, or what you're currently doing for a living. Alada is here to keep you company during any stage of life you may be experiencing now. Whether it is working remotely, or writing a book, or maybe planning your wedding... Alada is here to BE with YOU through it all.

Don't hesitate to take a look at the September's issue, we know for a fact you will love COUCH's magazine style!