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Behind the Design of Cloe our Unique Modular Storage System

Cloe, an expansive way to furnish

A modular storage system that can be transformed and redesigned by the user over time, adapting to their ever-changing lifestyle.


Our life is in constant movement, it keeps transforming and changing marked by a constant “refresh” on our news, events, politics, relationships, and even living locations. In a world where we are so used to keep moving, it just seems logical that we are now seeking products and services that adapt to that flow, and that evolve with us.

With this in mind, at Woodendot we were looking to design a product that would integrate all that evolution and change with the timeless value we proudly carry in our brand.

The result is Cloe, a modular storage system consisting of a base, two types of modules, and two types of reversible doors. Easy and straightforward, but with a minimal and modern design that brings something unique to any space and allows the user to configure it exactly how they need it.

“To us creating products that are really functional and adapt easily is really a top priority when we are designing, we want our pieces to be alive alongside their owners and to transform as their lifestyles do.designer Daniel Garcia

Crafted from solid sustainable Oak wood, Cloe’s design has sprout-shaped corners that make a rounded profile and seamlessly meet its vertical legs, creating the illusion that the piece has just been carved out of a block of wood. It is this organic design that gives its name to the piece, Cloe means growing herb, a sprout that has just started its journey to get to its final form. This process is something that we see represented in the piece’s functionality, how it grows and transforms throughout the user's life.

One of the most important values of our brand is our design with intention philosophy where, before even starting to design a new piece, we think about the functionality, impact, and problems it can solve over time. We keep a very focused mindset on how we can make each and every piece timeless and durable so that it would pass from generation to generation. Our goal is not to just add a new product to the market, we want to create pieces that really connect nature to our living spaces, and organically integrate into the user’s lifestyle, evolving with their life and needs.

It is not surprising then that our entire collection is characterized by its functionality and adaptability, with Cloe not being the exception. Our unique modular storage system consists of only two types of combinable and customizable modules with a common base, making the process of transformation really simple. Its modules are crafted in two sizes including a low one perfect for displaying items, and a higher one designed to add doors (either made out of wood or metal) and conceal what the user needs.

Details are present in each small part with its wood doors having a vertical carving design on one side, and a smooth texture on the other, bringing two different styles for the piece and the possibility to completely conceal objects inside. Meanwhile, the metal doors have a cut-out design that can be overlapped to create different patterns and decorations, concealing objects in a delicate way with a bit of visibility from outside.

Moreover, we carry minimalism very closely, for us it is more than an aesthetic feature, it is present in every step of our design process from the first product sketches until the user has the product in their hands. Cloe’s technical details include the delicate concealing of hardware and joints throughout its structure, an extra simplified modular design with only a set of five pieces, and a smart-easy assembly for even easier modular configuration and transformation.

All of this is combined with our characteristic values that are present in all the collection like our local production in Iscar, Spain by local craftsmen, sustainable FSC certified woods and materials, and a flat packaging that completely adapts to the product.

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Cloe is available in two color finishes, including sustainable Oak solid wood (FSC certified) in natural finish or stained black finish, and each module with its individual customization can be combined, transformed, and built up as tall as 2 meters high. Like the rest of our collection, its color finishes can be customized by the customer by making a special request.

“With this piece we tried to cover a wide typology of products with a special focus on the minimalism and functionality of the design, taking care of even the smallest of details. That’s why when you’re standing in front of Cloe it looks like a piece that has always been whole.” designer Daniel Garcia

Cloe is designed to be expanded up, down, left or right. It’s easily configurable and transformable to be the exact piece of furniture the user has in mind like a bookshelf, tv stand, shoe rack, side table, cabinet, or room divider. The possibilities are endless.

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