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Meet GEO: A collection of minimal accessories to transform your desk

Carefully crafted desk accessories to last a lifetime

GEO is a collection of minimal desk accessories with personality that will keep your devices at hand without taking desk space.

GEO minimal desk accessories with personality inspiration picture

Inspired by natural formations, GEO is born to transform how we interact with our favorite technology goods on a day to day basis. A collection with four unique pieces, each designed to be as minimal and functional as possible to harmlessly merge with your life.

Made with solid Oak with matte finishes that complies with every style. Whether you're a sophisticated person, or an all-rounder, GEO is designed to fit in with your lifestyle and make it easier for you to keep your appliances closer to you.

In other words, GEO, our minimal desk accessories with personality transform your home office space even when you're not thinking too much about it.

Risco, Mallo, Loma, Sima – Each piece seamlessly adapts and interacts with your different devices, making your workstation organized, modern and timeless.

Behind The Scenes of the GEO creation...

"We created this collection because we wanted to take off as much unnecessary space from people's desk as possible while adding a touch of modern minimalism," designer Daniel García tells us.

"Some people who work from home either use too many devices at once or don't have enough space to store those devices when they're not using them. That's when functionality plays a big role when investing in accesories for your desk."

There are currently many desk accesories in the market since more people are setting up their home office space for their remote jobs. There has also been a huge rate increase in people working remotely this past few year due to the worldwide pandemic.

Which is why, we wanted to stand out from the rest and be different. Design means solving a problem, and that's what we decided to do.

We focused on idealizing, sketching and prototyping many possible options. A big trial and error phase was involved. And that's how GEO, our minimal desk accessories with personality were born.

Initially, since our main goal was to avoid taking desk space, we thought about each piece being sculptured in a solid block of wood. That's it. Nothing more. Just what is needed.

Do you want to know more about us and our creation process?

An insight to the essence of each piece...

GEO minimal desk accessories with personality natural oak finish

Each piece is inspired by different geologic formations originated in mountains.

Thinking more in depth in the functionality of each piece, we started to create sculpted solid Oak wood prototypes inspired in the essence of purpose, minimalism and high-usability. That is how, eventually, we decided on the names for each product:

Loma is an adjustable laptop vertical stand. Ideal for small houses to save space but there are also wonderful to keep your desk space in order o maybe to put on a shelve.

Risco is a floating smartphone stand made of solid Oak wood. Its perfect to place your phone when you are working, particularly useful when you have a call or maybe to listen music with your phone.

Mallo is a slim headphones stand. The ideal match nowadays. Is the best accessory to keep your headphones during your remote working hours, also is the best partner for your music area. If you are a music lover your’ll probably love them!

Sima is the best stand for the Apple Pencil. If you spend a lot of hours working with your iPad you’ll probably need to have one of them. It will become one of your best colleagues.

Elegance and simplicity...

GEO, our unique minimal desk accessories with personality are made with solid Oak wood and are available in two finishes: Oak, which simulates nature at its finest. Black, which simulates delicacy and refinement.

No matter which finishing you choose, we're sure it will adapt and blend in to your space in the best possible way.

GEO minimal desk accessories with personality black finish

By creating The GEO Collection, we were looking forward to solving the biggest problem every remote worker may experience. Specially if they live in the tiny apartments of European cities such as Madrid = SPACE.

It is a reality that many people who have a laptop may also have a big screen. Some may use both at the same time, some others may only use the big screen and don't know where to place the laptop without taking too much desk space.

It is also a reality that many people multitask with both their laptop and big screen, but also need their phone around. We wanted a solid wood block to place the phone so it could stay floating in the air. This way, you can put it to charge and the cable will not bother you.

The same reality applies to the questions: "Where do I place my headphones?" or "Now that I have an iPad and an Apple Pencil that I use more regularly, how can i have it at a hand without taking too much space?"

GEO minimal desk accessories with personality are designed to solve these problems and become the new reality for remote workers and students.

Check out the rest of our home office collection and indulge!