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GEO Tech Accessories for MICASA January 21

We are excited that our products are highlighted in MiCasa Magazine. This month are about GEO Tech accessories collection.

We know you are spending a lot of time at home now and we just created the perfect accessories to make your work space more suitable and enjoyable and to make your life simple and of course, reduce your stress levels.

GEO Tech Accessories for Smartphones, Headphones, Laptop and Apple Pen

That’s GEO Tech Accessories Collection, the perfect accessories for your desk. They are made by crafted wood and have simple and ergonomics lines to makes your remote work easier and to transform your work space.

GEO Tech Accessories is a collection crafted from solid oak wood: Risco, Mallo, Loma and Sima. Each piece adapting and interacting with your gadget seamlessly, making your workstation organized, modern and minimalistic.

As you know, some of the main trends in 2021 is Minimalism and Craftsmanship and Natural Materials. We try to keep this trend in our design process in order to have the more actual and modern designs. We take care about it to have the best quality in our materials and our products are crafted in a way to have the best one.

Also we produce in local factors. Tierra de Pinares is the place where our magic becomes real.

Tierra de Pinares is a natural Castilian region located in the autonomous community of Castilla y León and extends to the north of the province of Segovia and the south of the province of Valladolid. Our mission is to reduce the footprint and to aim the local production creating a specially crafted piece, this is of course present when crafting our GEO Tech Accessories.

Handmade and artisan pieces have always been considered special, but its value has been increasing the last couple of years more than ever. We are talking about appreciation for their craftsmen, authors, materials, and the amount of work it takes to create them.

By 2021, there is a greater interest in all living things which emphasis the connection between humans and nature. Natural and organic materials are coming back stronger than ever. Having a home that connects us with nature has become fundamental to our mental health. Feeling connected to nature makes us disconnect from our daily lives and gives us that feeling of comfort and relaxation.

On the other hand, one of the most important trends in 2021 is still present: minimalism.
It is all about creating wide spaces, with large wide walls and neutral colours.

The main purpose of minimalism is to divide spaces by needs, which means that every element must be functional.

For Woodendot it is not just a trend, it has become our identity.


Talking about each piece….

Geo Tech Accessories Minimal made of Wood

Loma is an adjustable laptop vertical stand. Ideal for small houses to save space but there are also wonderful to keep your desk space in order o maybe to put on a shelve.

Risco is a floating smartphone stand made of solid Oak wood. Its perfect for leave your phone when you are working, particularly useful when you have a call or maybe to listen music with your phone.

Mallo is a slim headphones stand. The ideal match nowadays. Is the best accessory to keep your headphones during your remote working hours, also is the best partner for your music area. If you are a music lover your'll probably love them!

Sima is the best stand for the Apple Pencil. If you spend a lot of hours working with your iPad you'll probably need to have one of them. It will be like one of your best colleagues.

And what about the finishes...?

Risco floating smartphone stand

All of them are made by solid Oak wood and there are two finishes available:

The Oak one, which is a reminder of nature and handcrafted and the Black one, the minimalistic and modern one.

Discover the one which fits your personality and make it yours!