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Timeless Furniture

The passage of time leaves in certain wooden furniture a subtle essence that when you look at it a few years after its crafting, makes it look more beautiful and the furniture in question becomes more valuable and unique than it ever was.

If you are considering decorating your design home with this type of real wood furniture, we recommend that you choose some furniture not excessively decorative, remember that the simple and sophisticated lines are the ones that will stand the test of time.

Wooden furniture that create warm and comfortable environments

Both iron and leather are materials that age fabulously, but these two materials will never overcome the essence of real wood. No matter what is your is favourite wood style, there is always furniture and antique decorative details that adapt to any home style: whether it's a family home in the country, a loft or a modern apartment.

The aesthetics of timeless classic furniture ensures a charm and elegance that make it one of the most demanded styles. If you choose this decoration for your home living furniture you will be apart from passing fashions as it will ensure functionality and an air of perennial warmth.

Choose quality Wood Furniture for your design home

The woods of nogal or oak are the most suitable for this type of decoration because they allow you to play with the contrast of dark tones and the light backgrounds of other elements such as sofas, floor lamps or carpets. Look for elegance and minimalism in pieces such as coffee tables, wooden shelves, dressers, consoles, showcases or mirrors, and with this subtle design air your house will breathe airs of minimalism.

In our Woodendot Studio we have different pieces of wooden furniture that stand out for their versatility and timeless charm. Browse our catalog and get inspired!