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Creating environments through lighting

Lighting may be a detail that we do not give much importance to when decorating a space in our home until we see it practically finished and feel that something is missing, being that something the lighting, the final touch, that being so subtle, it goes unnoticed.

Lighting environments for your home design furniture

You can adjust the lighting according to the type of environment you want to create in a room, but before that it may help to know a little about the lighting styles that can be used, which are cataloged as: natural, ambient, general, decorative, exhibition and functional.

These are the lighting styles most used to decorate spaces in a house, which in turn work with a more technical type of lighting such as direct, indirect or mixed.

For example, in the broader spaces of the house, such as the living room or the lounge, it is recommended to make the most out of natural light, as this gives the feeling of a larger, warm and cheerful space.

When placing artificial light in this space, the ideal is to combine lamps based on the points where the outside light enters and thus be able to reinforce the reach of light to the corners where natural light does not reach. Wooden floor lamps are a great help to get that extra touch of light in certain corners of the room.

Ambient lighting is a more tenuous lighting style, with which you can create a more relaxed, pleasant and even romantic atmosphere. This lighting is indirect and very discreet, and can be obtained with the help of small table lamps, or better yet, with a nice set of wooden candle holders.

Combine to create a design home

On the other hand, when we talk about mixed lighting it is a concept in which two types of lighting, direct and indirect, can be mixed to achieve a more homogeneous lighting environment.

Decorate a spacious room with this modern style, but at the same time make it a private space. Here fits the combination of decorative wooden table lamps with some kind of chandelier that provides a more subtle light when the direct lights are not working.

If you want to highlight a space, or an object in your home, that's when the decorative lighting style comes into play. This works with a type of very direct light that serves to highlight structures, gardens, corners, paintings, etc.

As you can see, lighting is a very important element to create the perfect atmosphere in any room of the house. Dare to combine textures and colors, play with the light element and create spaces as special as our Woodendot unique furniture style to decorate your home.