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Which is the best color to paint your living room walls?

If you are thinking about redecorating your living room, we are sure that the next question has crossed your mind: what color do I paint the walls? His question must be carefully considered since in interior design the wall painting can say a lot.

In a living room of a modern house the color of the walls must match the furniture and other decorative objects creating a perfect harmony. In addition, color plays a very important role in emotions since each color conveys specific sensations.

What color for the lounge is the most suitable?

When we have to choose color to paint the walls of our living lounge, we are always afraid to choose strong colors in case they do not fit well or it becomes a room with little taste.

In Woodendot Studio we believe in minimalist home living furniture because we bet in the decoration free of extra ornamentation. And although in this type of decoration the favorite color for the walls is white, we will show you different tones so that your room can be minimalist but with a bit of color…

Walls in gray tones. It’s a very interesting option if you are looking for a minimalist style in its purest state. Opt for a dark tone for the walls and combine them with different types of gray. This will bring much style to your modern home decoration.

If you have chosen gray, the character of your dining room should be represented in the furniture. Opt for white finishes or wood only lacquered, thanks to them you will give the distinctive touch to your new room.

Walls in blue tonalities. It is a color widely used in Scandinavian minimalist interior design. Combining blue dining walls with a white ceiling results in a very modern dining room.

Before deciding on the shade of blue we should consider its size, because if it is a small room we should paint it with pastel shades and if we have a larger room we can opt for more intense colors.

Walls in brown tones. One of the advantages of choosing this color is that it is very easy to combine, so your decoration will not bring you distress. If you opt for brown we recommend you to choose earth tones and pastels.

For the rest of the decoration we suggest you to opt for wooden furniture and give to it some personality with design floor lamps or some conceptual serigraph.

Now all you have to do is decide on the color of the walls of your living room and... start the big change!