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Why to buy walnut furniture?

The walnut (Juglans Regia in his scientific name) comes from the Middle East, however it was introduced in Europe centuries ago and now is one of the most rooted specie of our ecosystem. Actually, before the 50s the forest of Spain were known for the large number of walnuts that were planted in their land.

Although there are more than 20 different varieties, each one has its own individual characteristics, in Spain, the spanish walnut’s variety predominates, characterized by its smooth and gray bark, his height can reach up to 30 meters high.

Walnut wood features

The walnut wood is firm and tenacious, for these qualities, this kind of wood is highly appreciated in the cabinetmaking and the woodwork. Specially used for floor coverings, doors, stairs in addition to interior carpentry in general and wooden furniture designs. Other properties offered are coarse grain, straight fiber and a lot of ease for gluing, bending and finishing any design furniture. Their colors combine shades of gray sapwood and grayish brown with details of dark streaks that contrast ideally with woods of lighter colors.

You also have to know that with walnut wood gets pieces of great elegance and sobriety, apart from being less sensitive to the variation of heat and humidity, its treatment and finishing are almost perfect, and these are just some few advantages.

If you hesitate to buy furniture with synthetic finish or walnut wood furniture , think that the great finish and quality that real wood offers is infinitely superior. In Woodendot Studio we offer quality designer furniture with soft and pleasant finishes. Take a look at our walnut furniture collection and feel the harmony of the forest throughout our tray or coffee tables, or our home accesories and shelves, among many other furnitures. Its dark brown tone and its regular density will surely delight you!