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Woodendot at the Seoul Living Design Fair - 2018

International acknowledgment of our brand is a very important aspect for us. Make us known to the public from any part of the world excites us, since we love that people get to know us and are able to enjoy our products. That is why our Pelican shelves have been exhibited at a fair of the magnitude of the Seoul Living Design, and it fills us with pride and encourages us to continue our international expansion.

All this was possible thanks to Lo Showroom, one of our distributors in Asia. Lo Showroom is a young company like ours, which in a few years is becoming a company with wide recognition in Korea. Lo Showroom is committed to design, responsibility and tradition, which makes this company a very important distribution partner for us. On this occasion they exhibited European design products where craftsmanship had a major role. Representing Woodendot, was our Pelican shelves, which is meticulously manufactured in Iscar, Spain, combining good design, practicality and good craftsmanship. For us our presence was very important in this international fair, it is one of the most important in Asia, as it brings together a wide variety of designers, architects, entrepreneurs and manufacturers from around the world to make known the latest trends and techniques of the furniture industry and household objects.

This annual international furniture fair took place between March 7 and 11, 2018. It is a very important event as it brings together a large part of the Asian market. Its organizer, Coex, provides an interesting global exchange platform between people and companies. The exhibition space is 460,000 square meters where you can find the designs that are setting the trends at the time. This fair is focused on design furniture and lifestyle. Among the most outstanding furniture we can find different high quality wooden tables, accessories, decorative candleholders, and low tables with storage, floor lamps, reading lamps, and original shelves like our Pelican among many others. Thanks to this type of events and with the help of our Korean partners, we are making our way in a market as complex as Asia. We hope to showcase soon in more international fairs so that Woodendot is known as a landmark in furniture design. ____ For more information visit "Seul Living Design Fair".