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Our Design Furniture highlighted in Interior Beauté February 2021

Our functional design furniture pieces were recognized in Interior Beauté

In the February edition of the Hong Kong magazine, they highlighted some of the products from our collection for their functionality and design. We are happy to share our minimalism concept all around the world!


Ib Design Spotlight Woodendot
Interior Woodendot Ka Batea Etna

One of our design furniture pieces is Ka XL Lamp, an extra large essential lamp made of solid bench wood, lacquered metal and including a black vegan leather cord. There are two versions available that perfectly fit with your lifestyle. The essential version includes a brown vegan leather cord that gives it a minimal character. On the other hand, the functional version has a more practical and unique character and includes a brown vegan leather tray and cord.

Woodendot Ka Lamp XL

Ka XL Lamp is the largest in the Ka Lamp Family, a standing floor lamp that radiates for the ambient light it projects. This piece its characterized by its simple and elegant lines that are drawn from an elegant structure of cylindrical beech wood slats in the shape of a tripod, and are joined together by a leather cord. Additionally, at the top of the pole there is a large metal screen that filters light through a natural cotton diffuser that creates warm and welcoming spaces.

Both Ka XL versions are available in two different finishes. First we have the finish where the texture of the beech wood is mixed with the color black. On the other hand, the same natural beech wood is mixed with the color white. As a result, we have two finishes that are both elegant and sophisticated, and give a differential touch to any space.

Furthermore, if you are looking for the an extra accessory to complete the unique space in your house take a look at our Etna Candleholder Set

This is the perfect piece to complete the illumination of your space, ideal to give a touch of light and color to any environment. This candleholder set is composed of simple and clear lines inspire by the beauty of an erupting volcano, evoking lava flowing down.

Woodendot Etna White

Our Etna Candleholder Set is made of wood specifically selected in sustainable ways, and is available in a variety of color finishes: white, red, yellow, green, black and blue.

On the other hand, if you are thinking about the time you spend working from home, you will need. our Kesito Desk Organizer. Its three diamond-shaped pieces made of solid pine wood, allow for three possible different arrangements: a row, a hexagon or separately in a reduced size; making it completely adaptable to your needs.

Kesito Desk Organizer Woodendot

And what are about the Savia Dining Table? Inspired by nature, the Savia Dining Table offers the perfect combination of beautiful design and functionality. The structure is made of clear stained solid ash woo, and its tabletop made of clear stained ash vender.

Savia Collection Woodendot

However, if you are looking for functionality, Batea L + S is the perfect set for you. This coffee table and try table set offers you a unique combination. Batea L offers storage under its lid that works by sliding it easily with your finger. Batea S is a side table that has a removable tray that offers extra functionality, so that you can carry food or drinks in a simple way, and that works separately.

Woodendot Collection Batea L+S table

This set is perfect to use as a coffee or center table in the living room. Its minimalistic design create a unique and functional space in your house.

There are a lot of finishes so that you can get the best for your house: The dark wood-black, the walnut black, the oak black, the oak white, the oak black and white and the oak white and white.

Finally, the last piece but not the less important is Alba L Bedside Table! This modular piece is available in a bedside table and shelf version and includes hidden storage. A customizable piece of furniture that has more than 10.000 options possible, create your own combination in our web. Alba means "sunrise" in Spanish, hence its name, since the two front pieces of the product simulate the sun and the moon reflecting in the water when a new day downs.

Woodendot Alba Storage Modular Bedside Table

If you are looking for unique, design, functional and minimal pieces you will be obsesed with these ones.

Choose your favorites and add a that touch of design to your home.