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Our commitment and our obligation is to look after what we love. This is why day by day we make every endeavour to improve our environmental policy


We design our products while maximising efficiency and generating minimal waste. Our products are shipped disassembled, thereby allowing smaller packaging while saving energy and volume in transport and the packaging material itself.


We aim to create unique, timeless products that can be handed down from parent to child, thereby increasing their emotional value. We create products with personality that transcend mere trends using top quality materials.


We believe that little gestures help to change the world and this is why at Woodendot we make every endeavour to take part in, promote and defend initiatives that improve the environment.


During the design process, we try to minimize the environmental impact at each stage of the life cycle, from obtaining raw materials to the recycling of each piece. We evaluate the associated environmental impact and quantify the use of the material and energy as well as the waste produced.


Our objective is to evaluate and make improvements on an ongoing basis in order to reduce the environmental impact of our products and all our day-to-day activities with initiatives as simple as making the maximum use of natural light to obtaining 100% recyclable packaging.

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