We are passionate about furniture design

Since we started our journey with Woodendot, our objectives are clear: to create timeless wooden furniture products where the wood is the leading material, endowing them with a minimalist aesthetic but with a great personality.

In our study we are continuously researching and testing to be positioned at the leading edge of home furniture design. The design for our home furniture combines design, craftsmanship, functionality and respect for the environment.

What does the unique wooden furniture design represent for us?

For us, design is the balance between art and functionality. That is why we give great importance to the relationship between the product and the person.

We focus on solving a need, and on trying to provide the key element: emotion.

The process of Furniture Design in Woodendot

We dedicate a large part of the design process to the care of aesthetics, investigating new shapes, colors and textures that can convey unique sensations. We work with dynamic and organic forms; as well as with straight and pure lines, providing a modern and timeless style. Also, we take great care of the final finishes of each piece of furniture, since both the touch and the appearance are fundamental when it comes to feeling the product. Finally, we opted for matte finishes, to get a sense of naturalness and warmth, of course, leaving the wood grain always in sight.

Our background as designers:

Coming from a family of woodworkers has taught us to love and know the traditional work of wood.

We combine these values in the development of our home furniture design. By combining them with the latest manufacturing techniques, we create unique furniture of the greatest quality. This combination between technology and tradition allows us to take care of those small details that make a difference in good design.

The materials we use in the design of wooden furniture

Quality furniture online

The wood we use for the manufacture of our wooden furniture and accessories is high quality; our suppliers are selected very carefully to ensure a finish consistent with the values we want to transmit.

Quality controls in manufacturing wooden furniture

All our products go through exhaustive quality controls before reaching the homes of our customers, since for us the most important thing is your satisfaction.

Having grown up surrounded by forests, we have a deep respect for and care for the environment. We are nature lovers and we always try to create eco furniture that reduces the footprint we leave in this world.

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Shelf with hidden hooks

From 75,00
Pelican wall decor minimal shelves

Shelf with hidden hooks

From 75,00

Modular wall shelf with hidden storage

From 229,00

Modular bedside table with hidden storage

From 279,00

Modular narrow bedside table with hidden storage


Coffee table & Tray table

From 798,00 From 719,00

Coffee table with storage

From 299,00

“Beautiful design, solid material, feels like bringing outside in.”

J. van de Wier


Minimal desk accessories

Savia dining table wooden design
savia table dining room wooden furniture

Dining table

2.395,00 1.990,00
Ka XL floor lamp studio decor lighting
Ka XL floor lamp studio decor lighting

Floor lamp

From 595,00 From 499,00

“A very good product with a captivating design.”

A. Merighi


Floating folding desk

From 449,00

Tray table

From 229,00

Floating smartphone stand

batea m and s combo center tables wood minimal

Coffee table with storage & tray table set

From 578,00 From 519,00
batea l center table with storage nordic furniture

Coffee table with storage

From 569,00
etna giant candle holders living decor

Giant candle holder

From 169,00
Kesito desk organizer wooden accessories

Desk organizer

From 59,00
Savia wooden bench entry way hallway decor
savia bench wood entryway decor seating

Two seated bench

990,00 790,00
Valle set of trays decor snacks kitchen
valle set of trays center table decor

Duo trays

Ka S table lamp minimal desk

Table lamp

295,00 245,00
Etna mini candle holder set table decor

Candle holder set


Slim headphones stand

“Everything was perfect. Very satisfied! Beautiful design, perfect quality.”

A. Vanderlinden


A set of two Alba M, modular wall shelves with hidden storage

From 458,00 From 419,00

A set of two Alba L SLIM, narrow modular bedside tables

From 249,00

A set of two Alba L, modular bedside tables with hidden storage

From 558,00 From 499,00
Ka M reading lamp minimal studio office decor

Reading floor lamp

From 540,00 From 449,00

Vertical laptop stand


Vertical Apple Pencil stand


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