We believe in organization

At Woodendot we know the importance of the organization in a household. Our wooden shelves help you organize and order your spaces.

Why not choose a beautiful wall storage systems or wooden shelves?
We own books, clothing, utensils that help us with our everyday tasks, objects that make us remember experiences, etc. All these objects need a place, to prevent them from getting lost, so they won’t break, and some to leave on sight as decoration. At Woodendot we create wooden modern furniture that combines beauty and functionality. We have created wooden shelves that help us with arrangement and organization with a natural and elegant look.

Wooden shelves, versatile & multifunctional online home design furniture
Before designing a new product, our wooden design furniture experts analyze the needs of our customers within their home design. As a result of this constant research, we found the need to have small wall mounted storage where we can place objects in different rooms of the house.  

As a result, we gave birth to our floating shelves with hidden hooks called Pelican. This is a versatile product that was able to adapt to each room, in this way we bet on clean and straight lines and give personality to the shelf with a broken gesture generating unique furniture.

The final result is a set of decorative wooden wall shelves of three different sizes and five finishes. Each shelf not only works as storage, but also as a coat rack, since they have strong metal hooks. The fact of hiding the hooks makes the product a better shelving unit with hooks because is more decorative and clean.

The pelican L, of greater length, has 3 hidden hooks, the other two M and S have two hidden hooks. At the top, where the objects rest, we have small walls that help to visually conceal small objects such as keys or wallets, but nevertheless they allow us to see larger objects such as vases, frames with photos and other memories.

Modern & unique shapes for home design furniture
The shape of the Pelican is inspired by the majesty of the bird’s wings to which the name refers. The triangular shape accentuates the sensation of flight when wanting to emerge from the wall, preparing to flap its wings.

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Floating Folding Desk

From 449,00

Shelf with hidden hooks

From 75,00

Modular bedside table with hidden storage

From 279,00

Modular narrow bedside table with hidden storage


Floating folding desk

From 449,00

Floating folding desk

From 449,00
Pelican wall decor minimal shelves
Pelican wall shelf decor hanging objects

Shelf with hidden hooks

From 75,00

“I looked for a unique, sophisticated, modern, well-crafted piece for ages and when I saw this piece online, it instantly stood out. When I received it, the craftsmanship and finish was even better than I expected. It’s a lovely product!”

M. Cordova

United States of America

alba m wall shelf decor and storage
alba m wall shelf decor and storage

Modular wall shelf with hidden storage

From 229,00

Modular wall shelf with hidden storage

From 229,00

A set of two Alba L, modular bedside tables with hidden storage

From 558,00 From 499,00

A set of two Alba M, modular wall shelves with hidden storage

From 458,00 From 419,00

A set of two Alba L SLIM, narrow modular bedside tables

From 249,00

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