What is Woodendot Family?

Woodendot Family is our unique community where we share our passion for design, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Joining is free and gives you access to exclusive benefits like early releases, discounts and more all year long.

What benefits do I get?

To join our Woodendot Family simply create an account on our web

Yes! Joining our Woodendot Family is completely free and automatically gives you access to tons of benefits!

Being a Woodendot Family member makes you part of our online community and gives you access to exclusive benefits like discounts, early access to new releases, a birthday gift, and more. Being a newsletter subscriber just keeps you up to date with everything we are doing without all the benefits!

Go to your profile and check your dashboard to see all your active benefits. Make sure to check often so you don’t miss anything!

When you join you will receive an email with your 10% off code!

Make sure to add your birthday date here, and you will receive an email on your special day with your discount code!

If you have an account on our web or if you made a purchase before November 27, 2020 you are already a member. Enjoy!

You can cancel your membership any time by contacting us here

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