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Meet Batea: Our functional wooden tables

Batea Wooden Tables Design at its Finest

The Batea table family is Woodendot’s first set of wooden tables with secondary functionalities included.

“Originally, the first one we had decided to create was the Batea S,” designer Daniel García tells us.

“We were trying to make a practical object into one that could mix two different product typologies and could offer more than just the main function of a table.”

There are currently thousands of auxiliary tables in the market, and we were looking to offer something extra. We thought a table with a tray was the perfect way to do that. “Still, there are other tables that offer the same tray option, but there were infinitely less and they didn’t share the same minimalistic and simple design that Woodendot products have, they were more industrial. It was the perfect opportunity to exploit.”

Wooden Center or Side Tables Furniture Modern

The Design Process

The design process started like with all of Woodendot’s products, a profound investigation, this time about tables that already included trays. “When we found out that none of them were exploiting the minimal trend, we quickly validated the product and started designing,” Daniel continued.

We began to sketch out different proposals. We wondered how many legs it would have. How the tray would be attached to the table or the materials it would be made from." These were the questions that arose in the concept stage of the product.” The whole table had to look very simple and have a very easy mechanism of using the tray. Making it usable without having to do anything else rather than simply lifting it and putting down.

The Naming of Batea Wooden Tables

The naming is always a fun process for the Woodendot team. After a lot of research, it was found that a long time ago there's a special kind of wooden tray. Round and without handles, it was used to store rice and other farm products. This kind of tray was named “Batea”, which seemed like a short and harmonious name. Also, it made sense with the functionality the product already had, so there was no doubt when officially naming the product.

However, there were a couple of challenges when creating the table, mostly pertaining to its metal part. Batea wooden tables are mostly made out of wood, but the center part is made of metal. The main issue was that it had to be able to support its 3 legs.

“We had to make a total of three different prototypes until the metallic structure was strong enough that it could be able to hold a human being. This was due to the fact that even though we do not market the table as a chair it is the size of a stool, we had to make sure just in case.” The wooden parts of the table were easier to assemble and create since they were much simpler.

Launching The Collection

Batea S was the first table launched, followed by Batea M and Batea L which completed the collection. “We wanted to maintain the same aesthetic,” Daniel tells us, “but vary in size and in functionality.”

The same shape as Batea S was kept for Batea M, but for Batea L the size was expanded in more of an oval shape. “Due to Batea M’s size however, it could no longer implement a useful tray since it would be too big to be functional. We thought of creating a bigger hidden storage instead.”

Batea s and l wooden center and side tables wooden furniture

This Batea is 4,5 cm tall in storage space, with an opening mechanism that prevents the top from sliding off. The biggest table, Batea L, has a bigger storage space reaching a height of 10 cm. Sharing the same opening mechanism as the Batea M, both of them slide open with only one finger. All tables are designed to fit beneath Batea S, making this family a perfect option to combine with one another. They are what is commonly called “nest tables.”

Batea living room center tables minimal

What makes Batea so special is how it manages to merge two different typologies in a simple, and minimalistic way. This is shown in the wide reception the product has had, being the second most sold Woodendot product. It is shipped around the world in the 8 color finishes that Batea wooden tables offer.

Designer Daniel García tells us his favorite combination is the Batea S + Batea M. This is due to the fact that they share the same shape, and the duo's tray and hidden storage. What are you waiting to add yours to your home?

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