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Alada folding desk for Raum Und Wohnen Magazine

Our unique multiple award winner Alada Floating Folding Desk has been featured in the swiss magazine Raum Und Wohnen as part of their April issue, recognized for its elegant, subtle, and innovative design.

Alada has a very minimalist design that allows you to have the functionality of a full desk combined with a decorative shelf, transforming in seconds and without taking up too much space.


Inspired by the movement that birds draw on the sky when they move their wings up and down, Alada's unique design is available in four different finishes.

Including Sustainable solid Oak wood in natural finish, white lacquered finish, and in sustainable solid Ash wood with both a black and a white lacquered finish.

These last couple of years have changed completely what it means to work, be productive, and the contexts in which we spend most of the hours of our day. Home offices have become part of the new normal, allowing people and companies to start committing and rethinking sustainability and the fight against climate change.

Small actions at home or in your new "workplace" have big results in the reduction of environmental impact. We encourage you to take small steps in your home such as using energy responsibly, reducing the use of plastics, taking advantage of natural light, and investing in products that are durable and made sustainably.

For us sustainability is at the core of all that we do, from the beginning to the end, we believe that by designing with sustainability and care in mind we have better, more efficient, and respectful results that go hand in hand with our values and beliefs. That's why all of our products pass through three main filters, they need to be durable, functional, and timeless. Our furniture is made out of certified woods, a noble material that can be easily recycled and reused easily.

All of our woods come from FSC certified producers ensuring that their woods are from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. We also partner with One Tree Planted, a non-profit that helps us plant a tree for every product we sell. We have planted over a 2000 trees by 2021 reducing an estimate of 2.000.000 kg of CO2 equivalent to 2420 flights from Madrid to NYC.

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