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Negative space in interior design: Fight Empty Space

Today we will talk about one of our best allies to style your home: the negative space. In design this term designates a type of architectural space that is created by emptying a solid that already exists. Or in other words, it is the drawing or the composition that is created in the voids. In printing it would be the equivalent to the compilation of the elements that do not carry ink.

The effect of the negative space has a great impact on the home decoration and is one of the most remarkable aspects in terms of aesthetic result. It has to be designed at the time of the composition and the final result will give you amplitude, air, and it will contribute to the elements breathing and accentuation of the shapes, colors and textures.

How to adapt your home with negative space?

To see the results you will have to disregard the pictures, group together the complements, and leave the walls empty to achieve a more dramatic effect on the stay. Its amplifying effect will add presence to all the elements of the room, the central objective is to emphasize a contrast between the vacuum and the object.

Other tricks is to add glass or metal vases for modern decoration spaces. Or ceramic vases and glass bowls for more classic environments. With a single and beautiful element you will get the most out of the space and highlight the empty places in your house.

To gain physical and visual space, in Woodendot Studio we have practical and modern furniture that will help you saving space, like our coffee table with storage or our wall shelf with hooks with dual function: shelf and coat rack.

For the decoration of the bedroom it is highly recommended to use the day beds, as well as the folding beds that can be stored vertically during the day. In the bathroom hang on suspended bathroom furniture and place shelves in empty spaces, such as in the frame around the door (a trick that can be extrapolated to all areas of the house). As well as incorporate sliding doors, which will allow you to save a meter more space and give a more modern touch to the environment.

Other aspects that you will have to take into account are the light colors in the wood of the floor and pastel or neutral tones in the furniture and walls, which will provide a greater sense of spaciousness.

In conclusion, one of the big mistakes we make decorating is to saturate the spaces with too many elements. The negative space is a powerful weapon in decoration and an ideal opportunity for you to get a cozy atmosphere full of special details.