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Pure wooden furniture

The wooden furniture has always been very requested to decorate design homes since they provide a cosy look and are very durable. In fact, it is the number one raw material used for home furniture. Por supuesto, los muebles de madera que estamos acostumbrados a ver en los hogares suelen ser muebles con diferentes acabados: lacados, en bruto y mates. However, the natural finishes have started to win many fans recently, among them its biggest adepts are the interior and minimalist designers, since this type of furniture with a more natural finish bring an artisanal look to the rooms. Beauty and purity Adepts to wooden design emphasize that by not treating too much the wood it preserves a more real texture, its authentic colour and leaves in view small imperfections that give a special touch to these furniture that stand out for being unique and very original. Our coffee tables, tray tables, dining tables, candle holders, floor lamps, shelves made of plywood and other furniture are made with real wood treated to preserve its most natural appearance. To achieve this, the crafting process is limited only to treatments that serve to conserve the state of the wood through time but without excessively modifying its texture, colour or shape.

Rescuing the natural style There are people who are able to distinguish the type of wood with which a piece of furniture is made just for its colour and appearance, even many vintage furniture are being treated to remove the layers of paint and discover the pure and natural essence that is hidden under so many paint layers. These real wood furniture can be combined perfectly with other elements of decoration such as linen, leather or wool, creating a rustic atmosphere that can be contrasted with soft colours and thus create a cosy stay where the modern style matches with the rustic. In Woodendot, our furniture it’s treated to a minimum with the intention of enhancing its colour and natural finish to offer a high quality product to our customers. If you are looking to give your home a more natural yet modern look, we invite you to visit our wooden furniture collection and discover all of our solutions.