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A careful and caring design and crafting process with an environmental mindset.

A careful and caring design and crafting process with an environmental mindset.


Design with Intention

There’s just one way for us to create and that is with intention. Behind the design of our pieces there’s an extensive process in which we combine what inspires us with what is needed, and look for a way to make it unique and functional. 

We don’t want to just add a new product to our collection, the idea is that each piece would transmit our values, beliefs, and the love and care that’s behind them improving any environment they’re introduced to

This is what gives value to what we do and pushes us to continue to improve daily.


Transform how the world interacts with furniture

We are on a mission to transform how the world interacts with furniture and home accessories through thedesign and crafting of pieces that are functional, unique and that have an emotional, ethic, and real value.

What's the problem?

In a world that teaches us that more is better, the fast furniture industry is taking over homes worldwide with products that don’t resist the wear of time and use, and will be thrown to the landfill 1-3 years after purchasing.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, more than 12 million tons of furniture and furnishings are thrown out every year only in USA...imagine what the number is worldwide.

These products are often (not always) inexpensive to the public, but behind them is a whole process that includes underpaid professionals, non-sustainable practices and materials, and mass production.

Where do we stand?

We are against buying just for buying, we believe in the importance of getting high-quality pieces that will last and that can be passed over without losing modernism and relevance. At the end, we want to transmit just that: more is not better, less but best is better.

We are loyal believers of the art of recycling, upcycling, and buying second-hand furniture and accessories. However, in the case you want to buy new, make sure to check the processes, materials and production of the brand you’re getting, so that you’ll be aware of the impact they’re having and what it really means at the end.

What do we do about it?

Our unique design process and environmental mindset from the first sketch and until you decide to recycle your product.

Our pieces are designed to be timeless, durable, of really high quality, with a style that fits most and doesn’t go out of fashion, functional, adaptable and unique.

From the first sketch of a new product until its delivery to your home, our design has an environmental focus that thinks about using as few materials as possible, that the materials are sustainable, that our production is local, our processes efficient, to give back by planting a tree for every product purchased and offering a recycling program for products that are not in use anymore.