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Our Wood & Materials

Our Wood & Materials

Five materials, that is it.

Our journey to be sustainable starts very early on and a big part of that are the materials that make us.

Our material selection is an extensive process in which we consider the type, source, origin, and ability to be replaced of each material and then on the easiest and cleanest process to take the raw materials to the final product.


Our main material is wood, a key element to us that is present in most of the products of our collection, defying our brand personality and our connection to nature very well.

Wood has been part of the brand since the beginning, it’s been a very important part of our founder Daniel Garcia Sanchez’s childhood in the town of Iscar, Spain (famously called Tierra de Pinares for its Pine woods). This small town revolves around the wood industry and is where our complete production process happens.

A very noble material, that can be easily recycled, renovated and reused, that keeps growing and that allows to bring nature inside the busy city life we are now so used to.

Responsible & sustainable

All of our woods come from FSC certified producers ensuring that their woods are from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

We partner with One Tree Planted, a non-profit that helps us plant a tree for every product we sell. We have planted over a 1000 trees by 2020 reducing an estimate of 1.000.000 kg of CO2 equivalent to 1240 flights from Madrid to NYC.

Other materials


Oven-lacquered steel for custom made parts of our products.

Steel is a very sustainable, abundant and durable material that allows us to maintain the quality and durability of our pieces. Its manufacturing is close to our warehouse in Spain.

Vegan leather.

From natural sources, always.

We use synthetic leather, we do not mistreat animals to manufacture our products.


Our glue is non-toxic and we use as little as possible, just four spots when needed. This allows for easy recycling of the pieces that have had glue on them.


The final touches that make the difference.

Our textiles are resistant to stains and water making them easy to clean. They are designed to be used outdoors although all our products are for indoors. That means they are of very high quality and durability.

Electric circuits

For our lamps, with modernism in mind certified by the EU.