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We are here to help

We are here to help

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FAQ about our product design and collection

Why is wood the main material?

We feel deeply inspired by wood, a very noble material, that can be easily recycled, renovated, and reused, that keeps growing, and that allows us to bring nature inside the busy life we are now so used to. Also, it’s a very big part of our founder’s Daniel García Sánchez’s childhood in the town of Iscar, Spain.

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Who’s the head designer?

Daniel García Sánchez is the head designer of Woodendot, as well as one of the founders of the brand. Daniel is an industrial designer very passionate about sustainable furniture design with over 15 years of experience creating pieces that stand out for their functionality and design.

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Do you produce your own products?

All our products are produced in Iscar, Spain. This town has decades of tradition in the art of woodworking. Our products are created by master craftsmen who have been in the industry of wood for decades, taking care and adding their special touch to each piece.

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Where can I see and try Woodendot products?

Our pieces are present in many showrooms around the globe, please see a full list here

Can products be ordered in custom color finishes?

Yes, we can personalize the color of any product. Please send us an email here and we will give you more info about the process and pricing.

Can I order a custom product design?

As a general rule, we only offer custom product design to professional clients. However, please send us an email here and we will tell you if it’s possible. If you are a professional, take a look at Woodendot PRO here.

Can I buy just one part of a product?

Yes! Please send us an email here with the individual piece you would like to purchase and your details.

Are your products easy to assemble?

Yes! All of our products include smart and easy assembly which means you’ll just need to put a couple of pieces together with easy tools we will provide you.

Where can I find assembly instructions?

Inside the product page, please navigate down to the part of the page called ‘Specifications’, and click on the second tab called ‘Features & Downloads.’ There you will be able to download the assembly instructions for the product.

Where can I find the measurements of a product?

Inside the product page, please navigate down to the part of the page called ‘Specifications’, and click on the first tab called ‘Measurements’. There you will be able to see the product dimensions.

When will my product be back in stock?

We are sorry to hear that the piece you want is out of stock.

Please contact us via our web chat to know the estimated time of re-stock.

I can’t find the hardware of my product

Our products are shipped with their complete hardware set for easy and smart assembly. Please make sure to check the interior of your product package as the hardware comes in a small paper envelope that is the same color as the box and it might go unnoticed.

If you can’t find it please fill out this form and we will be happy to send it to you as soon as possible.

Do you take environmental impact into consideration?

Of course, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Starting with our design with intention philosophy, and continuing with our sustainable materials, processes, packaging, our collaboration with One Tree Planted, and our Vida Initiative.

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Do you produce responsibly? What’s Vida Initiative?

Vida Initiative is our unique initiative in which we are completely responsible for every product we produce, by helping you recycle any of our products when you don’t need them anymore.

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How should I look after my product?

Our products are carefully crafted with quality and sustainable materials and techniques that make them durable and sturdy. However, please bear in mind that our main material is wood which needs to be treated with love.

Some tricks include: not overloading them and using just a damp cloth to clean them.

FAQ about a specific product

Explore the product page of the product you have doubts about to discover its FAQ answered!

Specs, measurements & assembly instructions of each product

Specs, measurements & assembly instructions of each product