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W Special Edition: Pelican Sorolla

Inspired by the incredible Spanish artist, Sorolla and his love for nature and our world. This limited special edition brings together such an important design as Pelican is to us with our Spanish culture that is so palpable and characteristic of our sustainable and careful design.

Sorolla is one of the most recognized Spanish painters of the 19th century. Born in the town of Cercedilla, his work is considered impressionist and luminist.

Throughout his life, Sorolla created different types of scenes, but all of them with the unique characteristics of organic shapes, inspiring lighting, and the depiction of mythological, historical, and social scenes from his life in Spain. The sea is present in a big part of his work probably due to growing up on the coast of Valencia, he also represented mercados, the city, women, boys, and all of the everyday life of a small-town.

Near the end of his life, he moved to Madrid to what is still today ‘La Casa Sorolla’. In his life there, we start to see in his work much more vegetation and depictions of his patio and life in the house. Today ‘La Casa Sorolla’ is where the largest number of his work is displayed, alongside his house and relics of his life.

Precisely, inspired by the rich and colorful pictures of Sorolla’s patio landscape full of vegetation, we at Woodendot let ourselves be carried away to create a unique special edition of our best-seller shelf Pelican.

Our Pelican, as its name hints, is also inspired by nature, and we can see in its shapes, and lines the birds that cross our sky and form such an important part of the ecosystem we are lucky enough to be living in.

This is how the Pelican Sorolla Special Edition was born, with a unique and delicate pale green color that search to bring a bright touch of color and nature to any space. 


Available only for a limited time, our Pelican Sorolla Special Edition marks the start of our Special Edition Collection where, inspired by recognized artists of all fields around the world, we will intervene our beloved pieces.

Pelican Sorolla was available on May 11th, 2023 as part of our 11th Anniversary.

Only 30 pieces were produced in three sizes.


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