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Interiores Magazine - 2017

We recently did a brief interview featured in the Spanish interior design magazine INTERIORES Magazine. In the interview, we got feedback on the current moment the Spanish people are having in the design industry and how new companies are exploring artisanal and industrial limits.

In addition, INTERIORES also featured photos of the Woodendot founders Daniel García and María Vargas. The Ka standing lamp and the giant Etna floor candlesticks are also photographed. They talked about what's behind creating modern and functional furniture products.

We then transcribed the mini-interview into English:

What are the most useful tools to gain a foothold in the global market?

Nowadays, entrepreneurs have many tools to break into in the global market, especially via the Internet. This increases the chances of growing and consolidating a business project. It’s true that breaking into the sector is not easy. You’ve got to be very open and learn quickly and steadily. For example, we started from the beginning. We went to the international market and about 90% of our products are shipped out from Spain. This globalization, on the other hand, can also establish the identity of the products in terms of the country of origin, thus becoming more diluted.

An upcoming design?

A wooden house in the countryside.

A design icon?

As a designer, Miguel Milá. As a product, a clothespin, a simple, effective and wooden design.

A city of design?