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Etna: The best wooden candle holders design for your home

Etna is a collection of large standing wooden candle holders, ideal to give a touch of light and color to any environment. Its simple and clean lines come from a conical shape made of solid wood. The design is inspired by nature.

The beauty of an erupting volcano is translated into the curves of colors that evoke lava flows that go down the slope of a volcano that is losing consistency as it descends. This touch of color highlights the natural tones of the wood thanks to its degradation in its translucence.

The large Etna standing unique candle holders not only bring light to the environment but also play a sculptural role thanks to its careful design, giving the space a touch of elegance and color.


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2 years warranty.


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Tealights or candles up to Ø 60 mm / 2.3″
Glass cup protector between candle and wood
Matte finish
Clean with damp cloth

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Wooden candle holders. Bring light and minimalism to any environment

This design collection allows the creation of a great variety of compositions, since it is available in three different sizes and in a palette of six colors. Thanks to these possibilities they adapt to any space or modern environment, being perfect to decorate large spaces such as living rooms or dining rooms.

The Etnas are sold individually or in a set of three large wooden candle holders of 80, 95 and 115cm in height and 12, 13 and 14cm in diameter respectively. Its large dimensions make the Etna a product with great visual power, which is accentuated by its elegant and carefully chosen color palette. The selection of colors from which you can choose ranges from white, through black, mustard yellow, pine green, garnet to subtle naval blue.

All of our Woodendot Studio candle holders are made of pine wood selected specifically so that both the quality and vein of it is adequate to meet our quality standards. The manufacturing process combines craftsmanship with the latest technology. In our workshops in Tierra de Pinares, in Spain, our craftsmen pamper the product since it enters in the form of a block of solid wood until it is given the final finish and packaged so that our customers can enjoy these designer wooden candle holders.

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