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2021 Interior Design Trends that will change your lifestyle

We are already one whole month into 2021, a year of big expectations for all of us! Well, this year has already surprised us A LOT, and if there's have been a couple of years to clearly show us how the world around us affects our lifestyle these are the ones. However, we are choosing to concentrate on what brings us joy. Here are the 2021 interior design trends that are transforming spaces around the globe, and that clearly show how our lifestyle has changed.

Craftsmanship and Natural Materials

Handmade and artisan pieces have always been considered special, but its value has been increasing the last couple of years more than ever. We are not only talking about monetary value, we are talking about appreciation for their craftsmen, authors, materials, and the amount of work it takes to create them. Now more than ever is clear the uniqueness and magic of craftsmanship. At Woodendot we are beyond excited about this design trend since this is one of our core values, and one of the pillars of the quality of our work. All of our pieces are crafted locally in Spain by master craftsmen, we value their work, their experience and dedication.


As you know...our speciality! Minimalism has been trending for a couple of years now. We have seen it in interior design, fashion, graphic design, product design and basically anything you could think of! One of the main exponents of this trend in the interior design industry is the Nordic Decor Style. Which is also basically how we at Woodendot describe ourselves! Furniture with rounded shapes, warm color palettes and functionality.

Multipurpose Spaces and Pieces

Last year was completely different to what we all expected, and after spending so much time at home our opinion of what's comfortable changed completely! We now look for spaces and pieces that are transformable, have multiple uses, and are able to adapt to our needs when necessary! It's not surprise this design trend will be huge this year and we will start seeing dynamism and functionality in all places. As a brand that identifies with minimal design, we have had functionality in mind since the beginning. Hidden storage, double purpose, seamless design are some of the key characteristic of our furniture pieces.

Geometric Patterns

You may have seen this before, geometric patterns are a 70's design trend based on the use of clean and simple lines. They are a classic in interior design and came back on 2020 to stay. However, they will transform to be more minimalist and simple! However, don't think of geometric like just a lot of triangles and angled lines...we are talking about geometric shapes that can come from anywhere including nature. Open your eyes and see how you can spot these shapes all around you. A good example are our Etna Candleholders, inspired by mountains.

Neutral and Warm Colors

Back to the classics! A range of seasonal staples that can serve as the foundation for personalized color combinations. This design trend is attributed to our current cultural affinity for raw and recycled goods. We have seen in all design industries, and the trend is here to stay. Neutrals over neutrals in color, textures, and shapes. This trends has slowly became a lifestyle and you might have catch yourself gravitating toward this color palette without even noticing it!

Well, 2021 looks like a promising year that's here to simplify how we approach decoration, interior design, architecture, fashion and all of the visual currents that inspire us. Simple, functional, neural, sustainable, reuse, recycle are the key words to keep in mind in all aspects of our life. We hope this list helps you figure out what your next furniture and decor pieces will be.

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