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Our Design with Intention

Our Design with Intention

Our philosophy that started it all

Our design is characterized by its minimalism, functionality, and sustainability; at the core, and enveloping all these, is our unique design with intention philosophy.

This is the philosophy that started it all and continues to be the inspiration and powering source for everything we do.

From the very start of the drafting of an idea, our intention is clear and set: to create something unique, functional, and durable with processes and materials that respect our planet and stay true to our beliefs.

From here, everything starts flowing and being born, through a process that not only includes our designers and ideas but also local craftsmen and the economic and social development of our motherland Spain.

In a few words

Ee design with a global mindset, test, craft, and produce with only carefully selected and sustainable materials (like FSC-certified woods), that then only touch the hands of generations-old craftsman families of the region of Iscar, Spain, that produce unique and functional pieces to be sent around the world to bring nature inside, and last for decades.

There’s always an extra functionality factor, making our pieces versatile and to easily adapt to your changing needs and lifestyle. 

The result are pieces that are simple yet unique, with personality, harmoniously balanced, elegant and that are timeless and can be passed from generation to generation.

An idea is born

Inside this careful process, our design with intention shines in the first step of our process when a new idea is born. 

We embark in a journey of exploring how we can bring unique value to your home, first by identifying a need for a more functional, minimalistic, or beautiful piece and then through a process that considers product categories that are not massively produced or not approched with a funtional, minimalistic and sustainable perspective.

The main points where we look to bring value to our new pieces are:

  • By adding a new or extra functionality
  • By improving an existing functionality by making it more simple or minimalistic
  • By making it esthetically more pleasant and with personality