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Pelican, shelf design in Interiores Magazine

Thinking about wall decor? Pelican shelves design are the answer.We know the easy answer for wall decor are frames, but really there's only so many pictures we really want framed around our house. What if instead we could easily have that decor attribute, but adding a functionality factor. That is the case with our Pelican shelves, available in three sizes and five different finishes. This month Interiores Magazine, highlighted our unique Pelican shelves design for its design and functionality.

Pelicans are not only designed with detail and care, with a minimal and modern design. These shelves also include a set of hidden hooks on its bottom part, allowing you to hand things as your jacket, keys, bag, or whatever you'd like. These detail really ads for the functionality of these shelves, making them a completely improve option compared to other options in the market.

Pelican Shelves Design Finishes

Either in natural Oak wood, Walnut wood or in one of its color finishes; Pelicans are going to completely transform your space. You can easily creare the combination you like the most by picking between their small, medium or large size. Combine them in different sizes and finishes and put your personality and creativity on you home's walls.


Also, we are proud to say that our products are carefully crafted by artisans in the area of Tierra de Pinares in Spain. This means we contribute to the the local economy while we celebrate the talent of our people. By consequence, each piece you buy from our collection have been carefully putted together with care.