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Local Production in Iscar, Spain

Local Production in Iscar, Spain

Local production 100% in Spain

From the early stages of our ideation and design process through the prototyping, testing, and the final production all is made in Spain, between the cities of Madrid and Iscar.

Made with careful processes, high-quality sustainable material, and by loving local professionals that have worked with wood their whole lives.

Iscar, famously known for its wood making industry

Located in the center of Spain, Iscar is a small town of 6370 habitants part of the Valladolid province.

This town is famously known for its wood making industry and is part of the area called Tierra de Pinares (Land of Pines) that extends for three provinces.

There are over 100,000 hectares that contain Pine trees estimated to have been there for about 6000 years.

Master wood crafters

Specifically in Iscar, where our founder Daniel Garcia Sanchez was born, the wood making industry is central to the economic and social development of the town and is present in almost every family that lives in the area.

From the moment you enter the outskirts of the town the Pinares trees are visible; as well as the workshops, stores, and overall business that have wood at the center of what they do.

There are generations over generations of families that have worked the wood and know it by heart.

This was not the exception with Daniel’s family, whose grandfather worked closely with wood for most of his life, and whose father even established his own workshop later on, allowing Daniel to grow surrounded by this art and its skills.

In the heart of Iscar, our warehouse sits

It’s around Iscar that the complete production processes of our products happen inside workshops ran by the hands of local craftsmen who have extraordinary wood making skills, and know exactly what the best techniques are for each design.

These craftsmen are in close contact with our team and are a key part of what gives personality and an emotional value to our pieces. We are proud to be able to have their skills as part of our pieces and are happy to be contributing to maintaining the local industry of Iscar and to celebrate the talent of its residents.

Additionally, in our warehouse (also located in town) is where a big part of the design process and all the prototyping and testing is done.