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First 100 trees planted!

Together we have planted our first 100 trees!

In Woodendot we advocate for sustainable growth. We produce locally, and we’re respectful to nature. Woodendot feels the need to give back to the Earth what it gifts us with.

We collaborate with One Tree planted, an organization that runs reforestation projects all over the world and, you are collaborating too.

For every product you buy from us, we donate and they plant a tree.

Trees are essential, they help clean the air, hence they reduce pollution. They filter water and they provide shelter to over 80% of the Earth’s terrestrial biodiversity.

In addition to environmental impact, reforestation, has a huge social impact too. Forests create job opportunities to more than 1.6 billion people. Also, trees are a healing source. We extract from them the raw materials for the vast majority of medicines we know.


The specific project in which we are taking part is in the one they run in Haiti. Here, due to poor agricultural methods the soil lacks nutrients. As a result, it is hard to grow food and thanks to reforestation the soil will obtain nutrients again.

We have been awarded recently for having planted 100 trees already and, we need to thank you too!

Check out our collaboration with One Tree Planted!