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Behind the design of LUA, Ethereal lighting

Create the perfect ambiance for relaxation

A piece that brings calmness to your space through the soft reflections of light.

In 2019 Alba our best-selling table collection was born, a design that reminded us of the reflection of the sun above water. Now, in 2024, we introduce its companion, LUA. A delicate lightning piece inspired by the moon, designed to be the ideal lamp to create the perfect ambiance. Designed with intention, LUA is much more than a lightning piece, projecting its light as a reflection. Just as the moon mirrors sunlight.

Deeply inspired by the feeling of being outside, surrounded by the warmth of a summer night. We know how difficult it can be to recreate this scenery at home. This is where the idea of LUA was born. Our creative team started playing with different kinds of lightning, textures and shapes to master the art of ethereal lightning.

“We were able to create a natural aura through the textures of LUAs materials. This combined with the fold of its front panel allows the light to come out more directly, achieving a sufficient illumination without lacking its softness.” shares Raquel, from the design team.

Make it your own
Following our design with intention philosophy, we wanted users to be part of the design process, as we have done with our iconic Alada folding desk in the past. Users had the opportunity to choose their favorite lamp designs through a poll, helping us make three different models a reality.

After the final designs were chosen, we still wanted to offer them more freedom of creativity. Adding the option to choose between a table or ceiling lamp. Additionally, we created three color finishes that can be combined with each other, this way anyone can create the ideal piece for their home.

“Our goal was to achieve a piece that, while functional, would give any space a touch of personality. In addition, in order to go a step further in customization, we have designed three variations of LUA that combine with each other. This way you can create personalized spaces with a unique touch of style.”

Inspired by the way the moon gives brightness to the dark nights, we wanted to give our piece a name worthy of it. In Galician culture, a region in the north of our home, Spain, the moon has been representative for good energy, love, calmness and companionship, they call it LUA. Enlightened by the traditional culture, we thought LUA was the best fit for our new piece.

The process
The concept for the lamps started developing during May of 2023, drawing different organic shapes, sizes, creating interesting combinations that would transmit the concept that we had in mind.

After the concept and the shapes were defined, we decided to create the first prototypes to see the design in action: ”After making the first prototypes we had to redefine several technical details and issues related to lighting.” shares Designer —. “We realized that through the reflections that the materials created, we could achieve very interesting beams of light.”

From here the design team discovered the connection LUA had to ALBA, sharing its combined panel design that has captivated the hearts of so many users. “We started putting together circular pieces of different textures and obtaining elegant, modern results.”

The result is LUA, a one of a kind lamp that offers a careful luminance, designed with intention, bringing to life a unique ethereal lighting.

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