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Decorate a minimalist lounge

Minimalism is an artistic tendency that is characterized by the extreme simplification of forms, an absolute rejection of accessory elements and a lot of attention to perceptual orders. A phrase that condenses the spirit of this avant-garde art is: "less is more". This maxim has influenced the area of ​​decoration and architecture, but also in painting, fashion and music. It emerged as a reaction to the reloaded styles of the time (mainly pop art) and among some of its greatest exponents are C. André, D. Flavin. D. Judd, Sol Le Witt, E. Kelly, R. Morris or R. Smithson.

This aesthetic universe is characterized by the neutrality of the mathematical, geometric and serial structures. Applied to the decoration of your modern lounge you should consider certain mathematical rules to achieve an harmonious atmosphere. A practical example is placing the wall sconces at no more than 1.50 meters high, or to respect the 45 centimeters distance between the sofa and the coffee table.

The color in minimal and modern furniture

The color takes a big role in the minimalist decoration, it is usually pure and monochrome. To give you an insight, 60% of the space in your hall has to be covered by the main color, which preferably should be white or crude, mostly soft tones that enhance the luminosity. You can only add two more colors for details, they can come given by a carpet, a cushion, or just an unique object. The materials that should predominate in your room are the industrial, the wood, the smoothed cement, the glass, the steel wire, mosaic tiles and the stones. Finally, it is strictly forbidden to use more than three stamp designs in a space.

According to the home furniture, austerity in design and quantity is basic to achieve an orderly environment. They must be combined to form an unity with all the space. Our Woodendot Studio recommends you to incorporate some functional furniture with pure lines like the modern coffee tables of our collection.