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Versatility of the spaces and furniture in the current interior design

The size of homes every day is smaller, so that the versatility of furniture to take advantage of space is becoming an indispensable factor in home decoration. In a small room the key is to select the pieces well, and in this, the auxiliary furniture becomes a great ally.

The effectiveness of auxiliary furniture

This type of furniture serves at all times for a different thing, so its usefulness is undeniable: it allows you to make the most of the space, prevents us from having to use another piece of furniture for this purpose and offers studied solutions and ingenious ideas for the embellishment of space.

Some examples are the footrests that are also a table, a dressing table and occasional desk, the Pelican, it’s a desk and also a coat stand, or our Large Oak-White Batea. A piece of furniture design with clean and rounded lines that has a large storage space and that opens when you slide the table backwards.

This coffee table combines tradition and modernity and adapts to the dynamics of each space, in addition it will allow you to maintain the order of your living room intact, in this way it will seem bigger.

Other tips that may be useful are bringing the most voluminous furniture to the walls to clear the center of the room. In this case, the baskets and boxes to deposit the smallest objects and concentrate the storage on a wall are ideal! as well as using light furniture (poufs, tables without shelves, seats), which are a great contribution as they take up space and are easy to move. And never forget that light colors, both on the walls and in the furniture, favor the sensation of spaciousness.

Thanks to the sliding doors you will gain more linear meters of wall for storage, adding reading sconces to take better advantage of the space and you will achieve a more functional and organized environment.