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Why nature is now a decoration trend?

Nature trend is Back! Surely you have already noticed this recent trend in home decoration in which is used many natural elements such as wood, plants, rustic textures, earth colors and many other decorative elements that manages to create a feeling of being in contact with nature from your home living room.

This type of decoration works with different characteristics such as textures, luminosity and space. But we cannot help but wonder where this sudden preference for nature within homes comes from. The answer is that we are trying to convert the spaces we inhabit daily into something known as healthy spaces or environment.

What is a healthy space?

Creating a healthy space means creating a space in harmony, cheerful, friendly, serene, warm, and fresh, full of positive emotions. The most frequented spaces during the day to day of any person are usually their homes, their place of work and in the case of children, schools.

It is precisely here that every time more details are added alluding to nature in its pure state, handcrafted pieces that give a personalized touch to each space, or green corners where to put plants to brighten and oxygenate.

Natural elements with which to create your own healthy space

Creating a natural space is simple, you only need to create the perfect combination between natural elements and you can create a wilder environment.

The only lacquered wood, with a more natural look, is the favorite material used for decoration furniture in healthy spaces. In addition, the real wood furniture is what best combines with earth colors, decoration with natural plants and ornaments or figures made of different craft materials.

Playing with natural light will also help create that natural feeling within any room. It creates the optical sensation of a larger, more airy space, and when combined with green elements such as large or leafy plants you get a perfect natural combination.

But of course you can also take advantage of the texture of natural wood in other presentations, not only in large furniture such as tables, chairs or shelves. In Woodendot we have a wide range of furniture elements made with natural wood such as table lamps, standing floor lamps, candle holders and organizers for desks.

Small touches that will make any space a place of work or relaxation in subtle contact with nature. Don't hesitate more and check our website and get the inspiration you need to create your own natural space!