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Behind the Design of Cielo Wall Accessories

Cielo, functionality to enhance your walls

A unique collection of wall accessories that brings functionality, sustainability, and a beautiful design to your space.

Nature is one of our main forms of inspiration, it’s present in each and every design we make, our materials, and of course our processes. Among all the things that inspire us from nature is the sky.

Certainly, the sky is much more than one thing, it is actually a compilation of many different things from natural phenomena, animals, and factors. It is often not predictable and changing, but among all, it is always the enhancing factor of our days for good or bad. The sky, without our realization, is a key element in how we live our lives universally as if the large group of things it envelops marks the way in which our large group of beings on earth constantly develops.

Deeply inspired by this, we wanted to translate that feeling of collectivism and combine it with the beautiful visuals that all phases of the sky present. All of this came together to solve a very common problem we found inside homes around the world.


When thinking about hallway organization, we realized that it was a hard task to find a set of pieces that would complement each other easily and cohesively. Normally, you would need to go around picking up different pieces, from different places and try to create a composition of your own that would not match perfectly but work.


Additionally, most organization pieces are centered on being just that…leaving the decoration and visual elements out of the design giving the user almost no option, but to sacrifice their space style to have some organization.


“The truth is Cielo was born thinking specifically about shoe organization. It is a common practice in Europe to leave your shoes at the door, which often ends in a very disorganized space. We discovered there are different shoe cabinets in the market, but we found none with a minimalist, careful design that would double as decor.”  designer Daniel Garcia


From this initial CIELO Cabinet idea, we realized we could expand the design to organize other types of elements as well. This is where the collection grew and incorporated the shelves, and hooks that complete our Cielo Wall Set.



CIELO is the result of taking inspiration from the never-ending group of things that represent and compose the sky and translating it into a set of unique organizational pieces, that are much more than organization, but also much more than decor since they integrate our characteristic value of designing with intention.

Carefully designed to work as a composition, CIELO consists of three types of pieces:  CIELO Shelf (available in three different sizes), CIELO Hooks, and CIELO Wall cabinet. These pieces come together to create a balanced and harmonious combination that quickly enhances any space and brings nature inside.

With a leaf shape, all pieces in the CIELO collection have two pointy corners and two rounded ones, creating a combination that represents movement and the organic shapes we find in nature.

The design of all pieces consists of a front piece made from Oak, Walnut, or Ash plywood veneer that is larger than its narrower back part. This front part hides its back horizontal metal shelf, creating a shelf in which the front piece works as a topper, perfect to place decoration objects or hide small ones.

From this design, the width and length of each piece vary to make their functionality more specific as a shelf, hook, or wall cabinet.