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Meet Pelican: Wooden shelves with pure personality

This is Pelican, our unique wooden shelf with hidden hooks.

Pelican Wooden Shelves unique and functional.

“We noticed the need for organization at home combined with the great canvas that walls offered. We found the perfect place to intervene, taking into account that there wasn’t much happening in them. It was a great opportunity in which we could introduce functionality, design, and minimalism,” designer Daniel García tells us.

industrial designer concept product furniture Pelican Unique Wooden Shelves

We started looking for different references of what was already in the market. Realizing that the idea of combining a hanger and a container seemed really interesting. From this moment on we started sketching and trying different models in all shapes and sizes. Finally, we landed in the perfect one: the Pelican you have all come to know and love.

“There are a lot of products in the market for walls, including modular systems, containers and hangers. However, we didn't find any that was visually simple, minimalist, and that mixed design with versatility, personality, and extra functionality.”

industrial designer concept product furniture Pelican Unique Wooden Shelves

Envisioning the Unique Wooden Pelican Shelves

Pelican was originally envisioned in 5 different colors. These included walnut, black, white, and the now-discontinued nude pink and pastel blue. Initially included because of the trend at the moment. However, these were later substituted for oak and grey finishes. Since then, oak has become the best-selling finish out of all the Pelicans.

“The naming was a fun process as well,” Daniel continues. “We were drawn by the idea of seeing it from upfront. The Pelican looked like the silhouette of a bird in flight. The container functionality matched perfectly with the one seen in pelican bird’s beaks.”

Pelican inspired furniture wooden shelves unique wooden shelves

Building the Prototypes

"The first Pelican prototypes were made in solid wood and it was a process of trial and error in which we were trying to find the best way to make them. Later, we moved on to working with plywood due to the fact that its structure makes it way more stable and long-lasting."

pelican shelf wood industrial design

The hardest part of the whole process was solving the problem of how to include hidden hooks. These needed to be functional enough, with the perfect thickness so that the fingers in a hand fit and could easily hang and unhang a piece. 3 centimeters was finally the correct spacing.

walnut Pelican wall shelves hallway decor wall wooden shelves

Testing many different ways trying to find the best one to assemble a Pelican shelf was a long process. Each product is carefully built by an expert craftsman which pays attention to even the smallest details. Making sure that when your Pelican arrives home it is as perfect as you envisioned it.

Pelican wall shelves industrial design wood work wooden shelves

At home, Daniel García keeps two black Pelicans that combine harmoniously with the rest of his furniture. “We both have the large one in a “his and hers” way, where each one is organized by its owner.”

Ever since its release, Pelican has been widely loved. Shipping to over 2,000 houses all around the world. Crafted and assembled by traditional craftsmen from the Spanish region of Tierra de Pinares, the Pelican is a piece of contemporary design. Skillfully achieved to capture the wingspan in wood and is ready to fly.